Zinc: A treasure for men with low potency

Zinc A treasure for men with low potency

Zinc is one of the essential elements that strongly affects your physical contributes to fertility, proper reproductive function, and maintaining normal male hormone levels in the blood. Zinc is a vital substance without which men would be completely impotent, completely incapable of physical intercourse. But why is that so? How does zinc affect men and their potency? In what foods do you find the largest amount of zinc? And what food supplements are most suitable for their substitution? In this article, you will find the answer to each of these questions.

Zinc and potency

The presence of zinc in the body is a necessary condition for the proper functioning of your genitals. However, our body cannot make it on its own, so we have to take it from food or food supplements. Its deficiency leads to loss of appetite, delayed physical and mental adolescence, fatigue, cracked mouths, dry skin, cognitive changes, and especially reduced sensuality and less desire for love.

Zinc supports your sensuality.

Many studies have also confirmed the important contribution of zinc to human potency. For example, a 2009 study looked at the effects of zinc on male physical potency. In this study, researchers studied the effects of different doses of zinc on men’s physical competence. And the result was quite clear. Zinc treatment improves the intimate ability of men. However, the effect was very dose-dependent. The more zinc men received, the better their love ability.

A recent study from 2017 entitled the effectiveness of zinc supplementation in men with isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism yielded exciting results after 18 months of follow-up of 98 patients. Patients with physical problems were given zinc again for a year and a half. At the end of the research, the researchers monitored several variables. Experiments have shown that men had higher levels of male hormone in the body after zinc administration. They produced sperm faster, that their sperm were more motile, and that everyone was demonstrably improving their potency. However, what did not change with zinc was the size of the testicles and organ. It remained the same.

Another study from 2012 looked at the effect of zinc on the health of adolescent girls. Zinc is an essential element during puberty and adolescence when it is necessary for growth and physical maturation. In this study, entitled ” Zinc status and its association with adolescents’ health: a review of studies in India, “researchers led by Rama Kawade followed girls aged 10 to 16. The review demonstrated the need for increased amounts of zinc during adolescence for proper health in adolescents.

A 1996 study, in turn, showed a very clear relationship between zinc levels and hormone levels in men. The young men in this study followed a very strict diet with a low zinc content. After 20 weeks of this diet, i.e., at the end of the study, hormone levels were measured in men, and all men consistently showed a significant reduction in the amount of this important hormone in the body. The study also looked at zinc supplementation in older men. The researchers showed that increased zinc intake nearly doubled male hormone levels in the elderly population. This is strong enough evidence that zinc affects the production of male hormones.

In 2009, animal research was conducted to test the relationship between zinc and physical function again. Rats treated with 5 milligrams of daily zinc intake had better physical function than others. This particular study concluded that in men, zinc has a positive effect on arousal and erectile maintenance.

Recommended daily dose of zinc to maintain potency

It is quite clear that zinc plays an essential role in male physical health. But what is the optimal amount of zinc that you should take daily? According to experts, the recommended daily dose of zinc is between 15 – 25 mg per day. Therefore, you should take up to 25 mg of zinc per day. But where to get it? The body cannot create it on its own.

Foods rich in zinc

Don’t worry; people now know exactly what foods are a rich source of zinc. You can find large amounts of zinc, for example, in oysters,  veal, and beef offal, especially in the liver,  cheese, whey,  milk powder, eggs,  shrimp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds,  legumes, or, for example, leafy vegetables.

Dietary supplements as a source of zinc to strengthen potency

However, not everyone has the time and desire to monitor the amount of zinc ingested and change the diet’s whole composition due to one element. Believe us. We understand that. Then there is nothing easier than to buy a box of zinc supplements, in which you will find precisely the optimal amount of zinc per day.

It is a certified natural-based product that contains 20 mg of zinc. You will also find extracts from traditional herbs and vitamins that help maintain physical condition and vitality at any age. Thanks to the highly strong composition of the active elements, it positively affects maintaining the reproductive system’s proper function, supports love desire, and helps keep physical activity.

Add enough zinc, eat foods rich in this element or get Fildena 100, or fildena 150  or vigora 100 and forget about potency problems. Thanks to zinc, you will be in bed like the devil. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised by your desire, hard erection, and long endurance. Try zinc and see for yourself!




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