Your Guide to The Top Things to do in Duck NC


Duck is a small town in Dare County, North Carolina, and the newest town to Outer Banks. Although it is home to very few locals, it is a popular destination for music, shopping, water sports, and birding.

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Duck NC Attractions

What’s your top Duck NC attraction? Have these in your itinerary to decide your favourite.

Duck Town Park Boardwalk

The Duck Town Boardwalk is synonymous with the little town in North Carolina. On weekends you will spot locals with families taking a stroll down the boardwalk. It is the ideal place to socialize with new people, maybe play with your dog and unwind. The location is lined with shops and restaurants serving tasty snacks that complement the beautiful sunsets.

Eat at The Blue Point

The Blue Point is addressed at 1240 Duck Road and one of the most happening places in town. Don’t miss your opportunity here. Book a table there on the weekend for the best experience. The restaurant features live country and southern music that blends well with your dishes and the breath-taking view from your seat. We recommend ordering the crab cake sandwich, cornbread bites, and a beer mug to get the complete southern experience.

Downtown Duck NC

Now, the downtown of every city has a different flavour. So, what can you expect from when visiting Duck NC?

In downtown Duck, you can fulfil all your cravings – be it shopping or southern American food. The locals call Duck – the Rodeo Drive of Outer Banks because it houses several stores, books, jewellery stores, branded apparel, art galleries, and surf accessory shops.

The prominent feature of restaurants in Duck is their proximity to the shore, which gives Florida-like vibes. You can spend some quality time here and enjoy the sunsets with your favourite drink.

Outer Banks Duck Island

Outer Banks are barrier islands that line more than 200 miles on the North Carolina coast – Duck town is a part and the newest town of the Outer Banks Island chain.

Banks is known for the vast strength of open beachfront, shrubland, nature preserves, and historical colonies that date back hundreds of years.

The islands are diverse when in terms of animal species, trees, and marine organisms. If you go through the wildlife parks here, you will notice species of birds and land mammals native to the island habitat.

Best Things to Do in The Outer Banks

There are tons of things to do in the Outer Banks, whether you love the seashore or nature. Here is how you can spend time when you are vacationing in Duck, NC.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

The Bodie Island lighthouse is a huge structure, going over 150 feet. It was built in 1872 and has served as a guide for incoming ships since then, most notably during WWI and WWII. The lighthouse’s interior features 214 spiral stairs that take you to the top from where you can get out-of-the-world views of the Outer Banks and the ocean.

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

Fort Raleigh was built in 1585 and is significant for its association with the first English colony in North America, also called the “Lost Colony” or Roanoke Colony. It was utilized as an access point, storage unit, and settlement for several armies and survivors from the European Nations in the following decades.

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

This is a massive wildlife refuge on Pea Island – It serves as a nesting and resting place for migratory birds during winter. From the snow geese to waterfowl to shorebirds, you will be able to see tons of different bird species here – a delight for all bird lovers.


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