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World’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing of Lipid nanoparticle vaccines and Lisosomes

The drug delivery system has much importance in the treatment of many diseases like cancer and microbial infections. In recent years lipids have become one of the best carriers of Drugs due to poor water solubility. The poorly water-soluble Drug has become a challenge for formulation about bioavailability and solubility. Drug formulation is done to enhance their bioavailability and solubility. Nowadays Lipids based drug delivery system (LBDDS) is one the best emerging technology that is using to handle these challenges. Solubilization and absorption can be increased by encapsulating the drug in lipids which leads to enhanced bioavailability. Many drugs are successfully available in the market as Lipid-based formulations.

Lipid-Based naoparticles

Formulation technology remains challenging at a nanoscale. More advancement in this drug formulation leads to the invention of Lipid-based nanoparticles (LBNPS) in 1990. These Lipids nanoparticles are the alternative to traditional drug carriers. Many researchers groups worked on the use of lipid-based nanoparticles in dermal, mucosal, and oral areas. The lipids-based nanoparticles are mostly used in gene therapy and many different vaccines. The most important medical applications of these drug carriers are in covid 19 vaccines and cancer therapeutics. Many companies are producing pharmaceutical products and technologies for manufacturing liposomes and lipid-based solutions by using cutting-edge nanoparticle technology. The Nanoparticle technology company also provides GMP and non-GMP services for research and development in the formulation. The company also has a quality assurance team and operational capabilities.

Liposomes and lipid nanoparticles are the best carriers of drugs and these are briefly discussed here.


Liposomes are among the most successful lipids-based nanoparticle carriers. They increase the therapeutic efficiency and decrease the toxicities of different medicines. The structure makes them a good carrier of drugs. Besides drug delivery, liposomes are also best in vaccination, in medical diagnostics and analytical biochemistry, solubilizers or support matrices for various ingredients, and the most well-known use as penetration enhancers in cosmetics. For liposome production, lab-scale and large-scale techniques are used. These manufacturing techniques are discussed here

Nanosize Extruder

NanoSizer extruder is a fully automated liposome extruder. This extruder device makes fast, clean, easy, and inexpensive sizing and extrusion of liposomes. This extruder uses integrated temperature control for the manufacturing of liposomes. Many companies are using this technology.

Microchannel Flow system

This technology produces liposomal particles of low energy and a high volume of solvents. liposomes can be best created by using this technology. Many companies are using this technique.

Jet Injections System

The jet injection technique is a large-scale technique used for the manufacturing of liposomes. Many companies are using this technology for liposome production.

Lipid nanoparticles

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are mostly like liposomes but basically, there are designed for special encapsulation of oligonucleotides (RNA and DNA). Currently, LNPs are well-known non -viral gene delivery systems. In the covid 19 vaccine these lipid nanoparticles are used for mRNA carriers. This shows their importance. Lipid nanoparticles are manufactured by hot and cold ultrasonication methods. While many other technologies are under use by different companies for the production of LNPs.


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