Why you should always Play on Licensed Online Casinos

Licensed Online Casinos

The rise of online casinos began in the 2000s. Initially, players used brick and mortar casinos. By then, most of these casinos did not have licenses. Thus, players were at great risk as the casinos always won all the games. Using manipulations of the systems was rampant. Casinos would take advantage of players by keeping their big wins. Also, interference of RNGs meant that games in such casinos were unfair. Licensed Online Casinos

Over time, the need to regulate online casinos arose. Casinos began obtaining licenses, the earliest jurisdictions being Europe. In 2005, for instance, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) emerged so that UK gambling markets would be regulated. This is among the most reputable regulatory bodies in the world of gambling. 

An online casino holding a license from the UK, Malta, Isle of Man, or Gibraltar is deemed strictly regulated. On the contrary, ones regulated by Curacao or Costa Rica are found a bit lenient in their regulations. For a list of licensed online casinos, visit Statesidebets.com.  

Why you should always play on licensed casinos

Playing at licensed online casinos should be in every player’s mind. Compared to unlicensed casinos, the latter has tons of benefits. Whenever you want to play at a casino, go for a licensed online casino. In doing so, you’ll avoid all vulnerability that comes with playing at an online casino. Here’s why you should always play on licensed online casinos.

Licencing Authorities

Major licensing bodies in the world oversee the operations of online casinos. As such playing, is fair to all the players since regular auditing of operations take place. The RTPs and RNGs in licensed casinos have no alterations to give false results of the games. Consequently, they always have to maintain set standards for fair gameplay.

Software Providers

If you want to grab slots from the best studios in the world, you can only find them in licensed casinos. Major providers such as Microgaming and Playtech choose to collaborate with legit online casinos over unlicensed ones. As a result, gaming at such casinos is efficient and quality, and above all, secure. The next time you want to start playing at a casino, take your time to check its source of license. Is it from Malta, the UK, Isle of Man, or Gibraltar? If so, choose it as you enjoy top games from the best developers.


You don’t want to play at an online casino investing all your money then, in the end, fail to cash out. In short, the online casino has decided to keep your wins for their benefits. Licensed online casinos ensure that players receive all their winnings. Therefore, it’s impossible to find a licensed casino giving you a hard time cashing out. However, that happens at times, and in such cases, the licensing body comes in for mediation. It will resolve the issue at hand regarding payments by solving the issues without any bias. 

How do you see if an online casino is licensed?

Casinos that have licenses are easy to tell, but you must be keen to spot them. However, don’t just follow the graphics and outstanding themes to know if a casino is regulated. Below are some important factors to take note of.

License Number

Usually, online casinos that have licenses indicate it on their websites to be visible to all. You’ll find the casino’s license number and its date of issue, mostly on the footer of its main page. Scroll down until you see that seal of license. Thus, you can confidently confirm that the casino is legitimate. 

Personal Reviews

Often, licensed online casinos leave a section for players to leave their reviews. As they have nothing to hide, you can tell they are fully legitimate to operate. In any case, a casino that hides reviews from its players can raise your eyebrows. Never play from it unless you confirm that it’s licensed. 

Other Players Reviews

Another way to tell the legitimacy of an online casino is by reading reviews from other players. Since they will always give the brutal truth about their experience, you’ll know what you are getting yourself into. It would also be best if you cross-check the reviews as some might be there to mislead you. This will help you gauge the kind of license an online casino holds if it has one. If the reviews don’t state clearly about licensing, there are more ways to tell. So, go to the next point.


Some sites list all the actively licensed online casinos. You can go through them to confirm which online casinos are licensed. Since the lists contain hundreds of casinos, use the search function and type your casino of choice. If at all it’s under a license, it will be on the list, plus which license it holds. 

Overly big offers and promotions

Be wary of online casinos that promise bigger offers than normal. They might be using this strategy to lure players then, later on, cheat them. In most cases, these casinos aren’t licensed. Again, when the deal is too good, think twice. 50% bonus up to $1,000 sounds familiar? Yes, that’s exactly what you need to avoid. Such online casinos hold no license and are out to milk players off their money. 


To be sure you are playing at a legitimate casino, always do a background check. Various avenues such as the casino’s website, the reviews section, and the types of its game developers help you know this. Tread carefully as online casinos have found new ways to scam players into believing they are legit. Besides, the benefits of playing at licensed casinos cannot be overlooked. To begin with, legit online casinos protect your info from third-party attacks. Since they use the latest technology to store your data, you won’t have issues playing. Furthermore, such casinos offer higher wagers meaning that players can win good money easily.  

Finally, these casinos give players a place to report in case of challenges. As a result, there is no difficult time as the licensing body will see to it that everything runs smoothly. To crown it all, never fall victim to playing at an unlicensed casino. 


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