Why social media branding is a powerful growth tactic for your business

social media branding
social media branding

Social Media Branding: Videos are so popular because they are entertaining and easy to digest. If crafted with thought, they can captivate an audience and stay etched in their memories for a long, long time.

But will a video from a business provide the same effect as a video from a creator?

Social media branding can boost brand awareness and earn people’s trust. It helps to post your videos on multiple social media platforms and you will often find brands repurposing the same video on both Facebook and Instagram. That way, they reach more people and showcase their brand’s versatility. Your business can do that same. Just make sure that the videos meet the recommended aspect ratios. If not, cropping a video can help resize it to fit the shape and size of the specific platform where you will be uploading your content.

The most common aspect ratios are:

  • 1:1 – Instagram
  • 4:5 – Facebook
  • 16:9 – YouTube
  • 9:16 – Snapchat and TikTok
  • 2:3 – Pinterest
  • 21:9 – Facebook cover
  • 1:1 – Twitter

Reasons to Start Brainstorming for Video Ideas

More and more businesses are turning to video content to boost their online presence. Social media is not just a place for individuals and groups to connect anymore. It has incredibly transitioned into a location where people can get entertained, educated, and inspired. And here are noteworthy reasons why you need to get your videos on social media.

1. Gets More Engagement

Videos capture a viewer’s attention longer that is why they work best with almost any algorithm. If you haven’t noticed, within 10 seconds of logging into your account, you would already see at least one video. The more often a video is viewed, the more that an algorithm will boost it.

Instagram is a good example of the power of visual posts. Because there are less text and more videos and images, people enjoy browsing it more and they spend more time on each post.

Another example is Twitter. Unlike Instagram, it features mostly text posts. But because a video does not come by that often, people are more likely to watch one that appears on their feed. Think of it as an oasis in the middle of the desert. Quite refreshing, indeed.

2. Universally Shareable

Videos are more interactive, thus, it encourages more views and shares. No matter how catchy a headline is, a user may hesitate to read the whole article and be less enthusiastic about clicking the ‘Read more’ button.

You only have a few seconds to catch a user’s attention and videos can easily achieve that. And if someone gets hooked, clicking on the ‘Keep watching’ video becomes a necessity.

3. A Video is an Experience

When you watch a movie, you have an hour and a half to experience different emotions. In this age where almost everyone is multitasking, handling more jobs than one, or juggling family responsibilities with work, short social media videos are the go-to.

If your video is well-crafted, you can take your viewers on a journey that allows them to experience satisfaction, feel emotions, or gain knowledge. And you do so without taking up too much of their time.

4. CTAs are Less Cringy

Ever read an article with a product promotion at the end? It gives a weird feeling of being scammed or ‘sales-talked’, if there is such a word. But in a video, viewers almost expect a call-to-action in the end. And if they do get one, they wouldn’t mind that it was all for a product or service.

In fact, according to a survey, a big part of the population that prefers to visit websites with videos is more likely to purchase products because of a video.

5. The Demand for Videos Will Keep Going Up

The popularity of videos will only get worse. But that is not a bad thing. Take a look at YouTube. It’s been around since 2005 but it is still a popular site. From just 30 thousand visitors a day, which was already pretty impressive back in the day, to a billion unique visitors each month, the website is still rocking it.

Brands would be glad to know that videos can be reused and repurposed. Got old videos in your file folders? Re-edit them with online video editors to breathe new life into them. Break them down into clips and add appropriate ones to new recordings. And just as much as human beings love to reminisce about those good old days, older videos that spark memories and emotions will be welcomed with open arms.


Videos have come a long way from being part of a marketing plan to being the plan itself. Keep in mind that the goal of video marketing is to:

  • catch the attention of your target audience
  • keep them interested and make them stay
  • give them valuable information, products, or services to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Profit and growth will be the result when you’ve reached those goals.



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