Why Should You Become CISA Certified?

CISA Certified

Several organizations nowadays are in need of the services provided by a Certified Information Systems Auditor whose job is to safeguard the best standards of technology and business systems that are currently in use. If you have achieved the CISA certification, no one can question your credentials. This is because the organizations of today are aware of the benefits that CISA certified experts bring to the company.

To become an IS auditor you need to earn the CISA certification. And in order to take the exam, you must meet the requirements laid by the ISACA. CISM is an advanced certification that proves the individual does in fact possess the knowledge and experience needed to develop and operate an infosec application.

Eligibility Criteria For The Exam

To become a CISA certified professional, you will first need to clear the certifying exam. Applicants require a minimum of 5 years of working experience as an auditor from a recognized organization. However, you can forgo up to 3 years of that experience if you’ve already met the CISA eligibility criteria beforehand:

  1. Must have 1 year of working experience as an IS auditor. You can even submit your 1 year of non-IS auditing intern experience.
  2. A 2 or a 4-year degree, is an exception for the experience requirement, given that your degree was completed within the last ten years. The associate’s degree acts as a substitute for a 1-year experience, while a bachelor’s degree is the replacement for two years experience. The CISA certification cost for ISACA members is $575 USD and for non-members, it is $760 USD.
  3. Holding a professional degree in either Information Security or Information Technology is a big plus.
  4. 2 years of experience as a university professor teaching either computer science or accounting or auditing is equivalent to a year of experience in the field.

Benefits Of CISA Certification

There are several benefits that prove the ISACA CISA certification exam is the right career option for you. Some are listed below: 

  1. Better Salary

The certifications you possess is equivalent to the amount of money you’ll make in this field. And what’s better or as impactful as the CISA certification. Auditing is the most common job role for someone who is a  CISA certified expert. Managers and analysts too benefit from the CISA certification as well. The average salary of a CISA certified auditor ranges between $112,250 to $171,500.

  1. Job Security

Demand for CISA certified experts has grown steadily since its inception significantly over the last few years. Even the recession of 2009, couldn’t stop the growing demand for CISA experts. Statistics prove that the need for CISA experts has quadrupled in the last decade.

This is quite noticeable in large IT organizations where investors recognize the worth of such experts who help coordinate with several IT controls stakeholders. Cybersecurity professionals can also undertake this certification and gain a huge promotion. Thus, there are plenty of job options out there.

  1. Global Recognition

This is not a local certification pertaining to some specific countries, but the CISA certification in a globally-accepted certification. The entire system is graded and regulated in a well-guarded environment. Plus, the CISA accreditation will add tremendous value to your cv or resume.

  1. Growth Opportunities

The field of IT auditing is ever-expanding. Undertaking your CISA training now will prepare you adequately to climb up the ladder and land a higher or managerial position in the coming future. If you’re interested in switching to this industry, the CISA certification will undoubtedly help land you excel in this field and may give you the extra addition required to become a CIO in the future.


The multiple benefits of becoming a CISA certified professional includes a strong increase in demand for experts, a nice hike in your salary range, and an increased value placed upon you by your organization. Organizations and companies transfer crucial data between millions of connected devices, networks etc on a daily basis.

Thus, it is important to have a strong cyber-security shield to safeguard this data from hackers. Koenig Solutions’ Certified Information Systems Auditor certification training course is a globally-recognized CISA certification training program that is delivered with expert professionals in this field. It provides a comprehensive understanding of globally-accepted information systems used across the world.

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