Why Is (Dry And Steam) Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast So Important

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When it comes to carpet cleaning there are various options available at your services. Especially during Covid-19, it becomes more essential to get your carpets cleaned thoroughly. Carpets get contaminated with toxic gases that are released due to everyday activities. Moreover, bacteria, pet urine, allergens, dust, and dirt make them harmful from a health point of view. If you’re in Gold Coast and looking for carpet cleaning services either search online or call them personally to get free quotes and enjoy carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast offers both dry and steam carpet cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning:- This type of cleaning is in trend since 1990. It uses procedures and equipment to get your carpets cleaned on your own premises. There are various methods and forms of steam cleaning.

To begin with, the first form is a process where a small portable machine is filled with soap (detergent) and water. This mixture is used to clean your carpet without prior spraying. But this method is not preferred as it leaves a lot of residues to promote mold growth. Some budget-type cleaners still use this vintage method, but unfortunately being old and improper it’s not in trend today.

As an alternative a revised steam cleaning process is at your disposal, you only need to switch on your search engine and get in touch.

The latest and upgraded process includes-

  1. Pre-spraying of biodegradable cleaning mixture on the carpet.
  2. It uses a brush or floor polishers to help soapy water reach the carpet fibers. It also helps remove stains, spots, and trapped pollutants.
  3. It also uses fiber rinse and deodorizer to make your carpet look clean, tidy, and fresh.

Dry Carpet Cleaning:-

Another option of carpet cleaning is the dry method. If done correctly can give better results. The dry method is applicable during winters. Though dry carpet cleaning has its own limitations but is still used by customers who run short of time.

For hotel and restaurant carpets this method is not suitable but due to quick-drying, this system is still in trend. Between two dry cleans your carpets should necessarily be steam cleaned to prevent health issues.


  1. A good quality cleaner is used to remove bacterial residue.
  2. A biodegradable encapsulation mixture is pre-sprayed over the carpet.
  3. All spots and stains are removed.
  4. Your carpet is dry cleaned and raked.
  5. It uses non-toxic and safe certified cleaning solutions.
  6. Limited wastage saves the local environment.

Hence, dry carpet cleaning is an innovative method of cleaning. It removes airborne bacterias to keep you free from flu and other allergies.

As it uses less moisture during the cleaning process and applies stain protectants, your carpets become stain resistant. Moreover, it is an affordable way of carpet cleaning.

Conclusion:- Having said all this, now it is up to you to choose the method of carpet cleaning. But make sure the process you pick should give you maximum cleaning benefits and make your home and local environment healthy. Your carpet is treated with expert care and stays in a good state after cleaning in all seasons.

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