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A Public Adjuster, as the name rightly suggests, is a professional that acts in the interests of the public when she is up against a giant insurance corporation when they refuse to offer the rightful claim settlement amount for the client or are just acting out of bad faith. A Public Adjuster appears at the time of your need, leveling out the complex process of filing a claim and getting you the best possible amount for your damage. In this article, we will highlight just some scenarios where hiring a Public Adjuster like ProFloridian located in Boca Raton would be your best bet to get the claim amount you deserve. Let’s dive right in.


1.Filing a Business Interruption Claim

Business interruptions are hectic and drain your energy in a way that you have little left to deal with anything else in your life, let alone filing a business interruption claim. Therefore, it is recommended that you solicit the services of a good Public Adjuster right from the beginning. This is advisable for several reasons:

  1. Hiring a professional right from the start helps them in getting sufficient time to get a hold of your case.
  2. Certain expertise is required in estimating the earnings of the business had it not been interrupted such as reading the plans and projections of the company and working together with the company’s core team to evaluate these numbers.

Apart from these reasons, there are certain other advantages of a Public Adjuster fighting your case. They are familiar with the language, processes, and practices of these carriers and act in your best interests. In addition to this, most of these adjusters are willing to review your claim free of cost, therefore even if you decide to file on your own, it is better to take a second opinion.


2.Filing a Hurricane Damage Claim

In hurricane damage, the focus of the insured is to secure the belongings from further damage as well as correctly estimate the dollar value of the losses. This is an arduous task as there are chances of miscalculating the damages done. For instance, while accounting for a roof damaged by the storm you may forget to include the cost of removing the damaged parts of the roof which makes for a substantial amount. If any detail gets skipped from your mind, you are set to lose a chunk of the claim amount. Unless you are a professional who does this for a living, you will not be able to match the expertise of a Public Adjuster along with caring for your family or relocating them. Precisely for this reason, the services of a public adjuster come in handy.


3.Filing a Fire Damage Claim

Since the risk of arson is rampant, fire damage claims are extremely tricky to navigate. Police investigations, report building, surveyor investigations are arduous and time taking. One has to be extremely cautious while documenting proofs and taking photographs. An in-depth understanding of your fire insurance claim is also required to set the right expectation of the claim amount you will receive. Especially in cases when even after submitting proofs and all the due diligence, your claim is ruled suspicious or under investigation, the guidance and assistance of a Public Adjuster are invaluable. You can even seek the help of your public adjuster while filling up the proof of loss form.


4.Filing a roof damage claim

Usually, the surveyor appointed by the insurance carrier is not a roofing expert and, in such cases, damage that is not visible is easily overlooked. A public adjuster will be able to provide sound guidance on the course of action to be taken in such a case and therefore you can avoid having your claim denied in the first place. Another scenario that is quite common is having interior damage first. This leads you to make cosmetic repairs only to realize later on that it was roof damage all along. Consulting a public adjuster while filing a roof damage claim will not only ensure that you have your documents in order but also that you receive a fair amount of compensation for your damage.

So here you are. An array of scenarios where you can employ the services of a Public Adjuster for myriad reasons. All the best for getting your insurance claim.

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