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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Why Custom Bath Bomb Boxes Are Good For Your Business

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Counter displays are the right way to be unique and stand out on the shelves, especially when there is a need for an impulse purchase. But it doesn’t mean setting up simple countertop display boxes and waiting for things to get done. Some people may end up buying your product, but it’s not worth it. If designed in the right way, display packaging boxes are not only functional but also attractive and eye-catching.

When you have a product ready to go to market, you want to make sure it has the correct packaging and display. Displays come in a wide range of boxes and packaging solutions to suit the needs of each brand. But what can you do to draw maximum attention to your product packaged in a counter display box? Here are some steps to take to get the perfect solution.

Choose the right product

Not all products are suitable for presentation in display containers. Technically, you can put any product on display, but some items work better than others. Therefore, it is important to select the appropriate product for countertop displays. They work best for small, inexpensive items. You can feature different flavors of candy or chocolates in the display box to trigger impulse purchases.

Select the correct display method

There are different ways to present your product with different display methods. When you go to buy jewelry in stores, you will see the jewelry items on the revolving counters. But when it comes to bracelets and rings, you can choose cardboard displays on top of the counters. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct method to display your product. Think about the ease and convenience of the client.

Select the correct display box

When it comes to display packaging boxes, you have a lot of options. There are different types of boxes available to suit individual needs. From countertop displays to electric wings and end caps, you can choose the best based on your product and brand. No matter which box you choose, make sure it complements your product in the best way possible. The box you choose should ultimately help you drive sales. We provide all type of custom boxes on wholesale with free designing and shipment.

Match your brand and product

When designing the display box for countertops or floors, you need to make sure that the overall design matches your product and brand. Whether you are selling soap, candy, cosmetics, or jewelry, remember that the box and packaging design should work well for your product. If you can’t find the box style that matches your brand, you can seek help from a packaging manufacturer.

Choose the right shape and size

The shape and size of the display packaging boxes should be consistent with your product. Each style of display box has its own purpose and is not suitable for all products. Therefore, choose the style that complements your product. The size of the boxes should be neither too big nor too small.

Consider robustness

Your display packaging material must be strong and durable enough to protect the displayed product. The box should increase the shelf life of the interior contents. Not only the product, but also the box should not look dull or old over time. Good material also reflects the image of quality and reliability. Eco-friendly display bath bomb packaging supplies is a perfect example of sustainable packaging.

Use the psychology of color

During the process of designing your boxes, you need to choose the colors that advertise your product and brand. Colors are an important part of the entire packaging process, but they are crucial for displays. When the colors are bold, customers will take less time to make the decision. The longer it takes customers to make up their minds, the lower the chances that your product will sell.

Choose the right design

Design your presentation box to be eye-catching and unique. If you sell cosmetic products over the counter, use bold colors and patterns for the boxes. For rings, an elegant and classy look will work best. No matter what product you sell, the colors and graphics should go with your product. You cannot choose one layout for all products.

Typography plays an important role

The main purpose of displays is to instantly grab the customer’s attention, whether you’re using them on counters, shelves, or floors. The font type and style you choose will reflect the mood of your product. If you plan to add a call to action, it is best to choose an eye-catching, bright typeface for your retail counter display boxes.

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