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Why companies are launching exclusive gaming laptops

The last six months have witnessed the launch of some of the best gaming laptops that the market has seen. The laptop industry is abuzz with new gaming laptops. HP, Asus, Acer, Dell and Lenovo had all launched gaming exclusive laptop models towards the tail end of 2020. Clearly, the market is ripe with potential. Buyers can expect to see more variety and better features, while brands — as demonstrated by aggressive launches — are undoubtedly expecting a sharp increase in demand. 

The right environment 

Our best guess is that being denied the joys that we were habituated to, before Covid-19 ushered in the ‘new normal’, people are turning to gaming for excitement, escape and entertainment. One might expect that the biggest segment of gamers — young children — who were used to going outside to play after school, will be using pester power to escalate demand in this segment. 

And suppliers responded to this demand with a host of new launches. In general, people are spending more time at home with only devices as their window to the world, and as a result, gaming has become a more appealing proposition across segments. 

Overall, the last few years have seen an uptick of gaming among children, youngsters and grown-ups alike. Hence, the pipeline of laptop launches over the last six months makes sense.

Buyers are willing to pay

Brands are evidently excited to get out of the best laptop under 30000 INR in India tussle. Gaming-exclusive laptops give them some amount of room to sell higher-priced gadgets. 

In August last year, Asus launched two laptops in its Strix series — the Strix G and the Strix Star — starting from just under Rs. 80,000. This pricing acts as a clear indicator that the market is willing to shell out good money for laptops that meet a couple of key expectations. 

Only a month later, in September 2020, Acer launched its Predator series with 2 gaming laptops, in a similar price range, starting at a little less than Rs. 85,000.

Lenovo also launched its Legion series of gaming laptops around July-August 2020. Lenovo is typically famed for its competitive pricing. But the market is willing to pay, and it looks like Lenovo too is making merry while the sun shines. The brand’s Legion 5i is listed at a little less than Rs. 72,000 on its website at present.

However, when the Legion series was launched, the same laptop was priced at about Rs. 80,000. At present, the Legion 7i model is priced more than Rs. 250,000 on some e-commerce sites. The same laptop was launched at about Rs. 200,000. Demand has apparently pushed for price escalation. 

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The Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 80,000 price segment appears to be the most popular. HP has one model — the HP Pavilion Gaming 16 — at about Rs. 71,000, and one model, the HP Omen 15, at about Rs. 80,000. The Dell CES 2020, later rechristened Dell G5 15 SE, is priced similarly, at about Rs. 75,000. 

There are clear buyer demands to respond to 

Market demand and buyer discernment have grown simultaneously. Laptop manufacturers are focusing on some key goals when it comes to the way they build their laptops. 

Asus had made it clear that their new range of ROG laptops were geared towards providing powerful laptops that were lightweight, and fit into a budget-friendly chassis. Asus’ laptops in this bundle come with coolant properties, processors with faster clock speeds, and upgradable SSD space, among other key features that would be expected from the best gaming laptops. 

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The Acer laptops, similarly, focus on cooling properties, sufficient disc space, and of course, speed and performance. 

Availability of financial support

Getting the best gaming laptop in India is not as easy as getting the best laptop under Rs. 30,000. However, buyers now have access to state-of-the-art models that can truly escalate their gaming experience. 

This is a great time to invest in a gaming laptop, because brands are under pressure to deliver excellent specs, and the best gaming laptops as a response to a far more discerning market. Of course, owning one of these fantastic models comes at a price.

Fortunately, a higher availability of EMI payment options gives buyers just the help they need when it comes to making big-ticket purchases. For example, a laptop buyer can use their Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to break down the cost of a Rs. 80,000 (or Rs. 250,000) laptop into much smaller instalments. The card also gives the user the option of choosing their preferable tenor, so the buyer can choose to pay the cost of the laptop over three instalments, or take up to 24 instalments.

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