Who Has the Fastest Internet Connection in the World?

Internet Connection
Internet Connection

Living in the United States, we are habitual to rank first in all aspects of life. All of its perks aside, we are proud of our high-speed internet connections. Streaming on-demand TV shows and movies, video conferencing, downloading music, taking lectures without having to worry about buffering and connection disruptions are some of the perks one gets being a citizen of the great United States. If you feel alienated reading this, you might want to check out some great internet packages at https://www.localcabledeals.com/Spectrum/Packages offering up to 940 Mbps of download speeds, without any data caps and contracts.

Being at the top of the world in almost everything, it might come as a shock to know that we do not have the fastest internet connection in the world. Yes, you read that right.

The fact that the internet has allowed all of us to live normally the past couple of months has exponentially increased its well-deserved worth. If not for the internet, our lives would have gotten extremely stagnant living in our four-dimensional realities far from our rich social lives. Learning through sites became normalcy, the gaming industry observed a new high with a 75 percent increase in data usage, and streaming video-on-demand platforms became the biggest resort to our entertainment needs. The United Nations also shared the most countries advised their general public about the out comings of the COVID-19 virus through the medium of the Internet. 

 Cable, an internet broadband comparison site, has evaluated the internet connection of the countries of the world and assembled a ranking based on over 557 million speed tests across almost 221 territories or countries.

PositionCountry CodeCountryRegionAverage Download SpeedTime to download a 5 GB movie
1LILiechtensteinWestern Europe229.98 Mbps02 minutes 58 secs
2JEJerseyWestern Europe218.37 Mbps03 minutes 08 secs
3ADAndorraWestern Europe213.41 Mbps03 minutes 12 secs
4GIGibraltarWestern Europe183.09 Mbps03 minutes 44 secs
5LULuxembourgWestern Europe118.05 Mbps05 minutes 47 secs
6ISIcelandWestern Europe116.88 Mbps05 minutes 50 secs
7CHSwitzerlandWestern Europe110.45 Mbps06 minutes 11 secs
8HKHong KongAsia105.32 Mbps06 minutes 29 secs
9MCMonacoWestern Europe104.98 Mbps06 minutes 30 secs
10HUHungaryEastern Europe99.74 Mbps06 minutes 51 secs
11NLNetherlandsWestern Europe95.60 Mbps07 minutes 08 secs
12AWArubaCaribbean89.81 Mbps07 minutes 36 secs

Looking at the list, one defined fact is that Western Europe is dominating the world with its mega-fast internet speeds. The country offering the fastest internet connection to its citizens is Liechtenstein with an average download speed of 229.98 Mbps which is 394 times faster than the country, South Sudan, with the slowest internet speed of 0.58 Mbps. In simpler terms, a 5 GB high definition movie that can be download in under 3 minutes in Liechtenstein would take almost 20 hours to be downloaded in South Sudan.


Almost 98 percent of the total population, which is 40,000, of Liechtenstein uses the internet and enjoys superlative, extraordinarily fast, and reliable internet connection. A file of size 5 GB can be downloaded in less than three minutes.


Jersey is the torchbearer for the availability of FTTP to all internet users in the world. Residing on the second position in the chart, the average internet speed in Jersey is 218.37 Mbps.


The population of Andorra is only 77,000 and 92 percent of the total population uses the internet for work and entertainment purposes. This country in Western Europe has a futuristic infrastructure and the citizens enjoy excellent connectivity.


The British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar, is only 6.7 square kilometers and houses 34,000 people as its entire population. The fact that it shares a small landmass and a low population does not justify the quality of life it provides to its citizens. The average download speed in Gibaltrar is 183.09 Mbps which means that you can download a 5 GB movie in less than four minutes.

On account of this study, we observed that the top five countries with the highest internet speeds enjoy download speeds that are around 276 times faster than the bottom five countries with the slowest connection. 32 countries out of the top 50 fastest connection speed countries are located in Europe, while seven are in the Caribbean, another seven are in Asia, two in North America, and two in the Middle East. It has also been noted that the 32 countries out of the 50 slowest connection countries at the bottom of the list are located in Africa.

Average global internet connection speed

According to M-Lab’s measurement, the average global internet speed has risen to 24.83 Mbps in 2020 which is more than double the average connection speed of 2019. 

From May 2016 to May 2017, it was noted that the average global broadband speed was measured as 7.40 Mbps although from May 2017 to May 2018, the speed was the amount at 9.10 Mbps and ultimately by May 2019, the average connection speed rose 20.65 percent and was 11.03 Mbps.

Fastest Internet Connection in the United States 

The United States is ranked 20th when it comes to the fastest internet connection with 71.90 Mbps as average download speed. In practical terms, this information suggests that the meantime to download a 5-gigabyte movie in the U.S. is almost 09 minutes 34 seconds.

The top 10 states with the fastest internet connection in the United States are:

PositionU.S. StatesAverage Internet Speeds
1New Jersey52 Mbps
2Maryland51.3 Mbps
3Virginia48.7 Mbps
4Texas46.9 Mbps
5Rhode Island46.7 Mbps
6New York45.2 Mbps
7Delaware44.9 Mbps
8Massachusetts43.5 Mbps
9North Carolina42.4 Mbps
10Connecticut41.8 Mbps

New Jersey is a northeastern U.S. state with a population of approximately 8.882 million people. Almost 99 percent of the citizens of New Jersey enjoy high-speed internet connection.  The state rounding the last position is Connecticut with an average download speed of 41.8 Mbps. 

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