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Which Roofing Types Will Look Best for Your Home?

The primary purpose of a roof is to protect occupants against harsh weather conditions. However, there are various ways through which roofing designs can help your home. You can enhance the aesthetic of your home through different home roofing designs.

When you’re building your house, there are multiple roofing options you can choose from. Design and materials will specifically play a central role in the selection process. If you are not sure about how to choose a roof, here are some common roofing types you need to know.

Gable Roof

Gamble roof is commonly known for the distinguishable triangular shape. It is the most popular roofing type you will find in the United States and other parts of the world. The triangular shape is easy to build and facilitates ventilation.

If you want to shed water or snow quickly, a gable roof should be your choice. You can easily build this roof on a budget. Any roofing material like tiles, shakes, asphalt, and metallic shingles can be used in this type of roofing.

However, professional techniques are required in gable roofing. The frame structure needs to be strong. If you build with a weak frame, the roof can easily collapse.

Mansard Roof

Mansard is popular for a much steeper lower slope than the usual gable roof. Other than having two sides, the mansard roof has four sides with two slopes on each side. Generally, the sides are flat or curvy.

This is the best type of roof for those looking to increase living space. There is a space between the roofs, which allows for more space in your house. The mansard look is flexible, and you can change it in the future.

Slate shingles are very effective in the mansard roof because they make a good diamond shape. However, it is essential that you consider metallic shingles for low maintenance practices.

Flat Roof

A flat roof is not entirely flat. However, the pitch is so low to the extent that it appears flat from a distance. This is a very convenient roof in a low-rainfall region.

Today, commercial buildings have been on the leading line in using flat roofing systems. They are cheaper to install. However, the trends show that there some residential properties that have been using flat roofing types.

In residential constructions, flat roofing helps to increase outdoor spaces. However, in commercial buildings, the essence of flat roofing is to allow quick and efficient installation of various components such as AC units.

Flat roofs are not only cheaper and easier to maintain. You can click here to learn more about flat roofs and the pitch considerations.

Hip Roof

The hip roof is known for having four sides with a slope on each side. This is the best type of roof for those living in windy areas. It is streamlined on each side allowing winds to pass without destroying the roofing structure.

Hip roofing is available in multiple designs. Half-hipped, the note type, cross-hipped, and the simple hip type are some of the common designs.

Stability and durability are some of the benefits you’ll get from this type of roofing. Unfortunately, there is no sufficient room for ventilation.

Shed Roof

It is very hard to distinguish a shed roof from a flat roof. It is just a flat roof with a higher pitch. As such, you will not notice that this type of roof is somehow flat.

You can have it for areas will low or high rainfall. The flatness helps in lowering construction costs, while improved pitch helps in draining water away.

The outstanding aspect of the shed roof is that it can be used with other types of roofs. It is mostly used by architectures interested in complex roofing style.

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof is a highly raised gamble roof. Most of the roofing experts refer to it as a barn roof because it is mostly used on barns. The purpose of this roofing style is to provide additional headroom.

If you live in the attic, barn roofing should be your ultimate consideration. Besides protecting you from extreme weather conditions, it will offer enough headroom for storing various products.

Unfortunately, this type of roofing is very expensive to install and maintain. It requires a very strong and raised frame for it to work as expected. However, people in the attic do not have any other option other than gambrel roofing.

Dormer Roof

A dormer roof is a roof added to an already existing roofing system. In most cases, a dormer is a window protruding from an existing slow of a roof.

Dormers are only practical in gabled and hipped roofing types. It will be tough for you to install a dormer on a flat roof. Besides, dormers are expensive because you have to create a room on an already existing roof.

The primary purpose of a dormer is to create a usable living space out of the roof. However, it can lender other benefits such as additional headroom and increased natural light.

Butterfly Roof

Just like its name, a butterfly roof looks like butterfly wings. It has two V-shaped gables, and most people confuse it for an M roofing style. It is a very modern roofing design.

The fact that it is a modern design means that it is not very popular. However, you can easily find this type of roof in high-end property. It has some aesthetic and unique designs, which are giving it an edge over traditional roof styles.

However, the butterfly roof has some major disadvantages as well. Just like it sounds, you need to dig deep into your pockets to install this roofing system. Also, most of the houses with butterfly roof have some significant drainage problems.

Are You Looking for Different Roofing Types?

As this article highlights, these are some of the popular roofing types around the country. However, other roofing types are not very popular than you can try. Your tastes and preferences should guide you on the roofing type to install in your house.

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