Which Job Is Good: SSC or RRB JE?

rrb je vs ssc je

SSC works under a government organization and it is known for being responsible to hire staff for different posts. Selected candidates would be doing jobs for different government departments. Generally, candidates preparing for JE get confused about whether they should go with SSC JE or RRB JE. 

Whether it is about SSC or RRB, they both conduct the exam to hire skilled and deserving candidates. Here, we are going to eradicate all your confusion regarding the SSC and RRB JE Recruitment so that you could take the right decision. After going through these points, your confusion will meet an end. 

  • Whether it is SSC or RRB JE exam, they both will be online. You need to prepare for this. Here, you need to understand that RRB JE is an exam that goes completely online. On the other hand, SSC JE is online partially. You may choose the right one going with your convenience. 
  • The next thing on the list is all about understanding the pattern of questions. You need to keep in mind that RRB JE is an online exam coming up with multiple-choice questions. On the other hand, SSC JE would be carrying MCQ having a written test. You may also go ahead with an online mock test to understand the RRB JE Exam Pattern. It also makes you understand different things which could go in your favour while attending the exam. 
  • SSC JE comes up with excellent questions associated with the aspirants’ branch. On the other hand, RRB JE comes up with a variety of Aptitude and Engineering exams.
  • SSC JE is a national level exam and therefore you can expect huge competition over there. On the other hand, RRB JE is an exam-conducted region wise and you can expect less completion indeed. 
  • SSC JE is an important exam in which only 100-200 candidates get passed out of 1000. On the other hand, the ratio of candidates who can pass the RRB JE exam is 200-300 out of the 1000 candidates. It means the chances of clearing RRB JE are more compared to the SSC JE exam. 
  • The best thing is that you will be having a great pay scale indeed. Well, both job posts introduce you to the same pay scale. Here, it needs to mention that both departments do offer 9300-34,800K to the candidates who are hired. The salary package is good enough to attract the candidates indeed. 
  • If you get the SSC JE exam then you are supposed to get hired in any of these departments called MES, CPWD, and Postal department. On the other hand, RRB JE candidates would be appointed in any of these departments such as Workshop, TRD, Bridge, P-Way, and so on. 
  • You might also be wondering what type of work you would be needed to do. Talking about the SSC type job, you would be doing an office-oriented job regarding its JE employee. On the other hand, RRB JE is a field-oriented job indeed. Here, it needs to mention that SSC JE is known for having a desk to accomplish his job. On the other hand, an RRB JE-oriented job means you would be required to run from here and here to accomplish its work to get done. 
  • The next on the list is that you would be having residential advantages indeed. SSC imparts residential advantages in the respect of its employees. Earlier railways were also used to provide houses to its employees but now it does not since they had to go through financial loss. But the fact cannot be ignored that you would truly be having the best experience when you get your dream job. 
  • Talking about the growth-related prospect, SSC is also appreciated among the job aspirants to give leave once they are done with higher studies. But it does not go with RRB JE. It means you would be having double the benefits of doing higher studies. To put it in simple words, the jobs are almost the same. Though the working hours of SSC job are fixed. On the other hand, the RRB job post means going under specific training. If you are one of them who wants to do higher studies then you should go with the SSC job option. It is an ideal option to go ahead. 

Conclusion – 

We have explained both job types and different aspects of the job. You may choose what job you are comfortable with. Make sure, you take this important decision quite carefully as it is all about your future. We would also prefer to add best of luck. 



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