What you should know about slip and fall accident claims


A slip and fall that leads to an injury can prove to be traumatic for the victim. It can also lead to extensive medical bills. As a victim of slip and fall injury, you might find yourself in a situation where it becomes necessary to prove that the injury was not perpetrated due to negligence on your part. Suppose you Hire a Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyer from Louis Law Group in Miami. In that case, the firm’s lawyer will tell you that the lawyers and the representatives from the insurance company will always try to convince you that the injury was caused due to negligence on your part. It is their responsibility to prioritize the welfare of the insurance company and ensure that the settlement provided is less than the maximum claim. But as the victim, you must ensure that your traumas, both physical and mental, are adequately addressed by the insurance company. Moreover, the compensation provided should cover all the medical bills you had to pay because of the injury. Some of the critical points that you should know about slip and fall accident claims are as follows:

Liabilities in case of a slip and fall injury

  • If the liability for the accident is to be borne by the owner of the place, then ideally, the accident should have occurred at your workplace.
  • Accident has occurred on the stairs, then it is necessary to prove the liability of the owner of the establishment.

Proving negligence and liability

When you contact Premises Liability Insurance Claims Injury, he will tell you that it is essential to prove negligence if you claim the maximum compensation. The place owner has to have sufficient insurance, and the insurance should be updated when you claim compensation. Subsequently, it is essential to prove that negligence on the owner’s part has resulted in the accident. A slip and fall injury is not merely an accident injury claim.  Hence, it is essential to check the condition of the slip and fall injury occurrence and discuss it with your lawyer. Ensure that you explain to him that the negligence of the owner caused the accident. This will prove that you are a victim of his negligence. If he had taken proper precautions, then you could have avoided the accident.

Importance of proper documentation

It is essential to hire an attorney to help you understand the slip and fall injury case nuances. You will have to provide all details like medical bills, post-trauma care expenses that you had to undergo to strengthen your case. If you had to undergo physical therapy because of the injury related to a slip and fall accident, documents related to the therapy must also be produced. It is necessary to be careful about keeping all the bills and providing all the necessary documentation. It will not just facilitate your case but help you claim the maximum compensation as well. You will also have to speak to your attorney regarding the medical bills because sometimes healthcare workers receive fewer medical bills. 

When you claim compensation, you have to understand that the amount of money you receive will depend on your location. For example, in Miami, it can range anywhere between $15,000 and $45,000. The compensation depends upon the severity of the accident and the extent of the trauma that you have suffered. When you claim settlement for a slip and fall injury, it is essential to discuss. The pain and trauma you have undergone because of the accident. Sometimes the accident can even lead to a loss of income or wages. Ensure that you have mentioned it to your lawyer. The loss of income needs to be compensated.

A slip and fall accident can appear to be simple. However, it can prove a traumatic incident for the victim. The owner of the place and the insurance company representatives must understand this and compensate you accordingly. Hence, it would be best to discuss all aspects of the accident. And the injuries you have suffered with your lawyer.



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