What You Should Know About a Laser Engraver and Wood Engraver


Are you considering buying a laser engraver for metal? Are you aware that the technology used in laser engravers has changed over the years? That also means that one needs to have deep knowledge about taking care of the laser engraver. If you know what to avoid, it can reduce the need to pay maintenance specialists for repairing the laser engraver.

A laser engraver for metal is a laser machine to cut any type of metal; To cut any kind of metal, you will need a fiber laser source & a power supply. It is recommended to use a manual setting unless you have a lot of experience. You can start with small items like screws, bolts, nails, rivets, plates, and circular shapes. 


You can find several types of laser engraver for different purposes. A rotating table variety is good for producing intricate patterns like crosshatch pattern, foil stamping, and other designs with repetition. It uses two lasers in each of its axes (XY and XL). These are usually integrated with a computer-controlled system (CCS). Another type is the stellated engrave, it is similar to a rotating table, but it uses a flat plate for laser engraver. The engravings produced can be inlaid in the metal by using a laser beam.

Another type of laser engraver is the carbon dioxide laser engraver (or CNC laser engraver as it is commonly known) a hand held unit. It produces engravings from a pre-cut pattern. The unit uses carbon dioxide laser engraver gas as a fuel source. This works similar to a gas driven engraver except that instead of feeding the laser engraver gas, the laser engraver produces the laser engraver output by compressed CO2. The output from this co2 laser engraver is excellent and is comparable to what you would get from an inkjet printer. However it is not a permanent kind of engraver.

3D Laser Engraver

A 3d laser engraver works using the same principles as the cnc router engraver, however it operates on a much larger scale. Instead of using carbon dioxide laser source like in the cnc router engraver, the laser engraver for metal uses a light emitting diode (LED) light sources. When the light hits the metal sample, the light is absorbed and produces energy which excites the metal. This excitation produces minute gaps, which are the basis of the engravings. This type of laser engraver is used most often for computerized wood carving.

The final type of laser  is the solid state laser engraver. These laser engravers use high frequencies and do not require any type of fuel source. Instead, they operate using the power from the batteries. Because of this they are suitable for temporary laser engraver applications where we want quick results without a need to maintain the  engraver.

When comparing laser  to wood engravings, there is still some difference. The main differences are in the engraved text size, wood format, and wood carving pattern that will be produced from the wood. A wood engraver will usually produce much finer text and much larger-sized engraved blocks than a laser can. . For this you would need to purchase an inexpensive breadboard engraver. However, if you want to do a professional job that will outlast your car router or CNC wood engraver, the one soft metal engraver is the right choice for you. Remember that an engraved panel of wood does not look as professional as a laser-cut product.

Wood working With a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine

A CNC wood router is a CNC machine which creates wooden objects directly from wood. CNC stands for computer numerical control. The CNC operates on the Cartesian coordinate system for high-end three dimensional motion control with customizable cut-lines. It uses hardware programs written in software for the machine.

The first DXTECH Laser Cutter developed by the computer numerical controlled machining industry was the CNC router. This type of machinery allows a machine operator to determine the most appropriate cutting tool with a mathematical algorithm. In layman’s terms, it is a computer program that tells the machine how to cut a particular material as precisely as possible. . This type of machinery also offers a wide variety of functions such as resizing, routing, turning, and laminating. 

It is very important to regularly maintain your CNC wood routers to allow you to get the best value of your investment.  When this happens, the moving elements can become sticky and work improperly. As a result, users may find that the wood bits are not being moved as they should be. You need to replace the lubricant to ensure that your CNC routers function properly.


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