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What is the Difference Between Men and Women Racquet?

The answer is that virtually all racquets are unisex.  There is no such thing as a men and women’s only racquet. All racquets can be used for both genders.Men and Women

Differences Between Men and Women’s Racquet

First of all, there is no such thing as men’s or women’s only racquet. Every racquet can be used for both genders. As a man if you don’t have the best tennis racquet for you, you can play because you have tough strength.But for a woman you must need the best tennis racquet for women to start playing tennis, to have a good short.  However, there are other differences between the genders racquet that need to be counted.

Mainly these factors are:

  • Weight
  • Head size
  • Balance
  • Grip size
  • Cosmetics
  • Marketing

Difference Between Men and Women weight for         


 Naturally, men are stronger and heavier. Therefore, heavier racquets work better for them as compared to strong women.  Heavyweight rackets (+ 300grams) help produce

 more power behind the ball and can help to maintain control in a faster swing.

 While women are naturally lightweight. Lightweight rackets(240-265grams) provide greater control to them.

Women can be stronger and heavier than men also, and if that’s the case, then she should get a heavier racquet than him. It’s more about your body than what gender you were born with. But, for the vast majority, men are heavier and stronger than women.

Head size for men and women:

Generally, men tend to choose a bigger head size than women. That is because they can achieve more power in their shots, and a bigger head size allows them to do that. Racquet head sizes are typically categorized as

 standard (85-98 sq in),

 mid plus (99-105 sq in)  

 oversized (106-135 sq inch).

 Smaller head size equals a more forgiving racquet. The bigger the head size is, the more power you are going to be able to achieve. As you improve you should go for a bigger head size, but from a starting point, and men starting a little bigger than women. Mid plus is a good starting point for men and women should start at the standard range.  More experienced players and professional tennis players with greater power, precision, and skill will usually opt for rackets with a smaller head size i.e. mid plus or midsize.


If you are a lightweight which most women are or who are less experienced players you should probably go for a power tennis racket or head heavy racket as it may help you have a shorter swing and less strength. Your swing alone may not generate enough power so a power racket can help to improve your game. Men or More experienced players will tend to choose control rackets that are headlights or have the weight more evenly distributed through the racket. As these rackets have more weight in the handle, they can absorb more shock than a lighter racket and therefore appeal to players who already generate a lot of power by themselves. Headlight rackets can also be great for generating spin.

Grip size:

 Women opt for grip sizes 2 or 3 and most men opt for grip sizes 3 or 4. Most juniors using full-size tennis rackets choose grip size 1,

How to check a grip size?

To check you have the correct grip size: you should be just about able to place the index finger of your non-racket hand in between your fingers and palm when holding the racket normally in your racket hand. 


The cosmetics for tennis racquets are pretty important to stand out from the competitors in today’s marketing world. Most probably women like a pink racquet and black racquet more for men. That’s also a great way to target children since kids mainly choose their racquet from how it looks cosmetically, and not how it performs. The racquet brands choose different cosmetics for their racquets to target different audiences.


Marketing is about famous players who suggest or give their opinions about racquets. If a women player gives some suggestions it probably be liked by women mainly or if men then it’s for men mainly. For example, If Serena Williams makes an advertisement with Wilson, then an ad is going to be mainly targeted for women. The same goes the other way, if Roger Federer makes the same ad, the targeted audience will be men. Even though there are no differences between the racquets that Serena and Federer advertised for. It’s all about marketing.

There is one notable exception. Tecnifibre makes a tennis racquet called the Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo that they designed specifically for women. We’ll take a closer look at this racquet as part of our top picks.


There are mainly these factors which should be counted about men and women, but what it comes down to is your psychical abilities. It’s more about your body, then what gender you were born with. hence the conclusion is there is no such thing as a men and women’s only racquet. All racquets can be used for both genders.

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