What Is Meant By Loading In Health Insurance?

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Ever renewed your health insurance policy only to find out that your premium has shot up due to something called loading? Wondering what loading means?

Let’s take a look.

While insurance companies allow everyone to have access to coverage, there are some customers that might fall into a slightly higher risk bracket. These policyholders might be deemed to be riskier due to certain pre-existing medical conditions or even certain habits that form a part of their lifestyle. In order to cover up for the higher likelihood of claims from these insured individuals, the insurer hikes the cost of the premium they pay. This type of an increase to the health insurance premium is loading.

What factors influence loading?

Let’s take a look at some of the major factors that influence loading in health insurance.

1.Lifestyle habits

A lot of insurers are known to ask their customers about certain lifestyle habits. The most common among these that can possibly lead to loading is smoking or consumption of tobacco in any form. Now, we know that smoking regularly does put you at a higher risk of developing diseases in the long run. This, in turn, can make you a liability for the insurer. Thus, if you are a smoker, your health insurance premium may possibly shoot up.


Age is one of the most common factors leading to loading in health insurance. The older the person is, the more they will be impacted by loading. Thus, you might find that even if you and your mother have the exact coverage from health insurance, your mother’s premium might be far higher than yours.

3.Pre-existing medical conditions

A policyholder who suffers from pre-existing medical conditions naturally poses a higher risk for the insurance company. So, individuals with health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity may end up paying a higher premium than those who are in good health with no pre-existing diseases.

4.Family medical history

In some cases, insurers might also hike your premium if you have a family history of certain diseases. For example, if heart disease or some forms of cancer tend to run in your genes, your health insurance premium might be subject to loading.

It is important to remember that every insurance company has its own terms for loading. So, if you feel that your health insurance premium might be impacted by any of the above-mentioned factors, do conduct a bit of research to find an insurer who offers you the best coverage. Even though you may still be impacted by loading across insurers, some insurance companies might prove more affordable than the rest.

Also, never hide any information from your insurer in an effort to escape loading. Doing so can have negative consequences if you fall ill and need to make a claim for something that you kept hidden from the insurer. Your claim may then not hold.

We hope this article helped improve your understanding of loading in health insurance.

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