What is an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning?


An ERP is an enterprise resource planning system. It is a set of modules that integrate a software solution with the common purpose of controlling, managing, centralizing and optimizing the standardized processes of a company. Above all, the essence of an ERP is to allow an industry to achieve new and better business goals to increase its profitability.

Indeed, ERPs facilitate information control by focusing on all activities that are of value to a company. Likewise, NetSuite is designed to manage information in the most efficient way since its 100% cloud technology allows its control from anywhere, from any device.

What is NetSuite? The # 1 ERP in the Cloud

NetSuite is the world’s # 1 Cloud ERP. This software is used by more than 40,000 organizations worldwide. In addition, it has emerged as the fastest growing financial management software provider according to Gartner Inc. in recent years.

NetSuite is an ERP built on leading practices for software companies around the world. In other words, it is characterized by offering continuous interaction throughout the entire customer’s life cycle. In other words, NetSuite focuses on ensuring continuity of monitoring and optimization from sales to support services and customer service.

As one of the best ERPs in the world, NetSuite boasts of offering 360º visibility throughout the organization. Without a doubt, the goal is to operate at the speed of modern businesses, while providing scalable results.

NetSuite by the Numbers: A World Leader

NetSuite is characterized by being a rapid implementation ERP of only 100 days. Of course, this is based on the experience gained in years of implementations in the software industry to accelerate the return on investment (ROI). At Anchor Group, we consider ourselves experts in equipping our customers to get the most out of NetSuite and expand into next-generation solutions.

NetSuite’s most important value propositions include a 40% to 70% reduction in book closing time, a 45% to 75% improvement in invoice management, and a 60% to 90% reduction in the time of reports and resources.

Behind NetSuite is more than 3,000 hours of research into industry-leading best practices already built into the system. For nearly two decades, it has built its expertise in thousands of industrial high-tech and software implementations to deliver value from day one. NetSuite includes more than 100 predefined reports, preconfigured roles with dashboards, and business intelligence metrics.

Functionalities of an ERP: NetSuite gives you more

An ERP must be able to adjust to different types of industry and their various verticals. In addition to the above, it must have the ability to solve problems in the different processes that make up the business cycles of most companies.

Order control

An ERP records inventories, orders, manufacturing processes, distribution processes, as well as inputs and outputs. In the MailChimp NetSuite integration, all these functionalities are done automatically.

Standardize and accelerate manufacturing

The standardization and automation of processes are the essences of an ERP. With correct standardization, productivity improves, time is saved in administrative activities and staff is focused on their area of interest.

Efficient resource control

The purchases of supplies require correct planning to reduce costs by volume, frequency of acquisition, or negotiation with suppliers. With an ERP, the management and strategic planning of resources are strengthened.

The most innovative and best consolidated ERP

NetSuite is a proven and established cloud service provider targeting the lower middle market. These are those companies with annual revenues of more than $50 million and less than $500 million. However, it is important to note that the product itself is designed for businesses of any size.

NetSuite customer referrals score very high on overall customer satisfaction. It receives high scores in product evaluation/contract negotiation, implementation and integration, and some less in services and support.  NetSuite has robust and comprehensive financial management functionality. It has improved in subscription billing, revenue recognition, and continuous consolidations in real-time.

NetSuite is specially designed mainly for:

  • Optimize business processes through global financial functionality.
  • Access real-time information on the main business performance indicators.
  • Obtain a unified vision of the organization and a single version of reality.
  • Quickly and easily add functionalities tailored to your business with NetSuite mobile apps.
  • Improve business performance with real-time metrics and role-based dashboards.
  • Lastly, accelerate the financial close while maintaining compliance with applicable accounting standards.


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