What Can You Do with the Best Duplicate File Finder Tool?

Duplicate File Finder
Duplicate File Finder

We use computers on a regular basis for various personal and professional use. We also take random backups of our smartphones on our laptops that creates a lot of duplicate clutter on our hard drive. Manually removing this clutter is not possible hence we use duplicate file remover to automatically remove duplicate files and regain access to blocked hard drive space.

The most common problem is having duplicate photos, audio, video, documents, and other files. All this clutter takes up a lot of space on the hard drive resulting in the low disk space error. Unfortunately, Windows or Mac doesn’t offer a built-in tool to remove duplicate files but there are always alternatives. The best way to remove duplicate files and regain storage space is to use one of the best duplicate file remover tools.

 Why Use a Duplicate File Remover Tool?

Duplicate files are similar to Junk files that utilize system resources and unnecessarily clutter up your hard drive space. Manually removing duplicate files will never remove all the duplicate clutter from your hard drive as finding them in all the folders and sub-folders is invariably impossible. Duplicate file remover tool can ease up the task.

  • Fewer duplicate means enhanced search efficiency.
  • Automatically marks old and smaller files for deletion.
  • Helps you gain optimum output and enhanced the system performance.
  • Excludes system files and folders to prevent damages to your system files.
  • Takes a backup before deletion to reverse changes in case of accidental deletion.
  • Can run a quick or deep scan on all kinds of internal, external or connected storage devices.
  • Duplicate file remover can scan user-specified folders, hard drives, computers or entire networks.
  • Duplicate file remover tool can help you regain precious space accrued on your hard drive.
  • Duplicate file finder and remover eliminate the need for creating multiple backups.
  • Works on a fast binary comparison algorithm to execute a powerful search.
  • Shows a preview of found duplicate files to select which one to delete.
  • Compatibility with multiple operating systems and platforms.
  • User-friendly and rich interface for every computer user.

Caution While Removing Duplicate Files

Irrespective of whether you are manually removing duplicate files or using one of the best duplicate file remover tools, there are certain precautionary measures that you need to follow. Without being careful, you may end up removing important files from your computer.

  • If you are using the Duplicate File Remover Tool to delete a duplicate file, configure it to automatically ignore system files and folders during the deep scan. Most of the freeware applications are not judgmental enough or programmed to automatically ignore system files.
  • Always preview, open or double-check the files before deleting. Most duplicate file remover tools come with inbuilt features to preview the files before deleting any found duplicates.
  • You should only delete personal files like music, videos, movies, photos, documents, or downloaded setup files. Never delete duplicate system files even if the duplicate file remover tool finds them. Deleting the system files may put your system into a no-boot situation.

 Using the Best Duplicate File Remover Tools

 Now that you know, using one of the best duplicate file remover tools to delete duplicate files is the best option to free up disk space on your system, which is the best duplicate file remover tool is the next question. We have tested, reviewed, and compared the top 10 duplicate file removers available for 2020, and here is the best one that passed all our tests for Windows and Mac.

Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best duplicate file remover tools available in 2020 for Windows, Android, and Mac users. The duplicate file finder for Mac qualifies all the testing parameters that are required to scan, find and remove duplicate all types of file formats from any storage device that connects to a computer.

The strong search engine in Duplicate Files Fixer can find duplicate file formats like –JPG, GIF, PNG, Docx, pdf, text, audio, video, and other file formats in no time and remove them with a single click. It is compatible with macOS, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, & Android operating systems.

 Alternative to Duplicate Files Fixer for MacOS

 If you are looking for an alternative to Duplicate Files Fixer and looking for something specialized in MacOS, here is another great duplicate file finder for Mac to perform the task.

TuneupMyMac is one intuitive software that has a robust search engine algorithm that runs a deep scan or quick scan as per the requirements. It looks for filenames, tags, metadata, and examines identical file content on your hard drive. The scanning process is accurate, user-friendly, and takes no time to correctly identify and remove duplicate files.

TuneupMyMac can help you with eliminating all kinds of duplicate files from your Mac. You can also use the folder exclusion feature to customize the scanning criteria and exclude system folders or drives to exclude scanning. The advanced feature also creates a backup of found identical files before it actually removes duplicate from your Mac.

Final Words

Eliminating duplicate files is a part of the cleaning process to remove clutter from your Mac, Windows, or Android OS. Manual removal may take ages and not give you the desired results. Using one of the best duplicate file remover tools can ease up your task and free up a lot of clutter from your precious hard drive space. Get your system the best duplicate file remover tools now!

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