What can FIFA learn from Madden NFL 21?



When the ball was kicked out in the 55th Super Bowl on Sunday, the whole world watched again. In the previous version, the Tampa Bay Pirates defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. If you want to replay this ending, you must launch Madden NFL 21 on the console or PC. But what is the effect of the simulation? What can EA’s top FIFA 21 learn from the Madden NFL?

Many of the same problems

First: Madden also faces many problems that FIFA fans are also familiar with. How fidelity is the simulation? Madden forums are also full of graphic errors, which makes physics questionable. Metagames for professionals are more tiring than entertainment. It develops like this in both e-sports scenes. In Madden, the defence always takes the same route.

The structure of the Ultimate Team is similar to FIFA 21, where many players are also annoyed by the gambling factor in its packaging animation. Nostalgia is a more significant factor. A YouTube video with a high click-through rate lists out which features of Madden’s senior title are missing from the current header. When you look at the details, you can see how fragmented the game is.


Barriers to Entry

There is a big problem with attention to detail. The nature of natural motion also makes the game principle very complicated. There were two goals in FIFA 11 vs. 11. In Madden, the movement is the most basic-without knowing the depth, and the action can quickly become overloaded.

But this also has advantage-many fans do want to hire them. Even gameplay with errors is tricky in many ways.


Connect the franchise model and the ultimate team

A very cool feature is the connected franchise model. Therefore, you can build your own NFL and play with friends. You can join up to 32 teams.

In Ultimate Team, the content is different from the FIFA series. At a stage like Team of the Year, the football world looks jealous. There are far fewer unique cards than in FUT. This does not mean that you still cannot get rid of MUT 21 Coins looking for more than 90 cards in Madden.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the MUT competition, the animation looks very cool. We sometimes see some content in FIFA. In general, the appearance of the game seems more like a TV show, which is what we know in NBA 2K.


Madden without competition

The decisive factor is the lack of competition in Madden NFL. Since 2004, EA Sports has obtained an exclusive license from the NFL. Therefore, competitors must keep a low profile in football matches. The full-professional football 2K8, launched in 2007, was the last real significant effort to establish certain businesses outside of the Madden franchise. Since then, there are still people mourning the gameplay.

Smaller titles, such as Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football, fight against celebrities. In addition to FIFA, at least another large-scale football simulation game was conducted by the giant Konami, namely football PES, which has secured partners such as Juventus Turin or Bayern Munich. Competition can stimulate the market, or it can promote your game development.


Now temporarily suspended in Madden. In short, FIFA cannot learn much from the football brothers. Small things like the big franchise alliance of yourself and your friends are undoubtedly the highlight. But in the ultimate team, many Madden fans look at the FIFA world jealously.

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