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What Are Solar Window Films and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Solar window films are a logical solution for businesses and have numerous benefits that you shouldn’t overlook. You certainly can save money by opting for them!

Also, if you don’t want to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of replacing your windows, solar control films could be your answer.

Some benefits of these window films are they can reduce or increase heat and minimize glare in rooms and offices. But there’s more to this technology than you might think.

Now, let’s explore in more detail what solar window films are and how they can benefit your business.

What Are Solar Window Films?

There are various types of solar window films for sale nowadays. But fundamentally, these films are constructed of tough laminate materials.

Furthermore, manufacturers can add reflective compounds to window films.

Usually, one side of the film has a strong adhesive layer to be placed on a window uniformly. The opposite side of the film is scratch-resistant for durability and to maintain your window’s clarity.

Specific solar window film designs have metal infused into their composition to make them even more reflective.

The Benefits of Solar Film

On cold days natural light can pass through windows and create more heat in a room. This process is called passive solar heating through standard windows, which is enhanced with specialized solar control film.

This process is enhanced because the reflective elements in the film direct the sun’s heat into your building. Yet, at the same time, glare is reduced.

Furthermore, these types of films can insulate the heat inside your office by reflecting it inwards. They also provide excellent UV protection.

However, some films can reflect heat away from your building in the summer months or hot climates, keeping it cooler. This way, you can save on AC bills.

Solar film windows can also provide a high level of privacy by preventing people outside from viewing in. And some films are very strong, making it harder for people to damage your windows – meaning there’s less chance you’ll need to replace them.

Some solar film designs are excellent at improving visibility in low light conditions – which can be great for security purposes.

Also, many films can add aesthetic qualities to your business. For instance, you may have a particular color scheme on the exterior of your building. Many solar films are available in different colors, so you might be able to match your window’s coloring with the exterior theme of the building.

Different Solar Window Films for Businesses

Not all solar window films for sale work the same. So it’s a good idea to check different options to figure out which type of window film will suit your needs best.

Here are different solar window films to consider and their benefits:

Reflective and Dual Reflective Film

On at least one side of the glass, most window films block heat and harmful light. Reflective and dual-reflective films, on the other hand, have this function on both sides.

These window films can also be pleasing to the eye. Their outside is naturally reflective, and you can select a color to fit your commercial building’s other exterior features.

Plus, these types of films offer greater visibility in darker settings. Therefore, they can enhance security purposes.

Low-E Film

Low-E windows are those with low emittance. They reduce the number of UV rays that reach through windows, as their name implies. They also reflect the heat emitted by these rays into your office or other workspaces.

As a result, Low-E windows should be considered by businesses in colder climates. Yet, buildings in hotter climates can also benefit from Low-E film’s heat moderating capabilities – through glare reduction.

They work well throughout the seasons, keeping your company cool in the summer and insulated in the winter months. Therefore, it might be easier to find the best of

fice temperature.

Neutral Window Film

You may not want any light to be filtered through your windows but want to block harmful UV rays. If this is the case, then you should choose neutral window film for your business.

These window films typically block 99% or more of UV rays coming into your building. But you’ll still have a very similar type of light coming in that you had before applying the films to your windows.

Ceramic Window Film

If you want to strengthen your windows and keep them durable for longer, ceramic films are a good option.

You’ll find these films used on car windows because they offer added toughness while also reducing glare and UV rays. They are also capable of lowering infrared light.

Overall, ceramic window film is one of your best choices to reduce the light coming into your workspace. And it’s actually one of the newer developments in window film technology out there today.

And since they are so strong and resilient, they can prevent vandals from scratching up your windows. Plus, if they do manage to damage your protective ceramic window film, it’s going to be a lot cheaper to replace than replacing an entire window!

Key Benefits of Solar Window Films

So now let’s summarize the key benefits you’ll gain by opting for window films for your business:

  • Reduce/increase heat in your business
  • Insulate spaces
  • Block and filter harmful infrared and UV rays
  • Improve window clarity and visibility
  • Replace windows less frequently
  • Lower energy bills
  • Create new aesthetics in the office
  • Prevent vandalism
  • Maintain better privacy

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to opt for window films at your workplace.

Invest in Solar Window Films Today!

Ultimately, window films will make your business more efficient and act as a form of protection in many ways. Plus, you won’t have to spend a fortune having them installed – especially when compared to replacing windows.

We wish you the best of luck in enhancing your business environment. Please feel free to check out further tips and advice for improving your business here on our site.

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