Web Monitoring and Security: How to Keep Your Website Secure


Web monitoring and security services are essential for keeping your website secure. Every company’s website is vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks. It’s, therefore, crucial to keep your website safe.

According to statistics, over 67% of small businesses have experienced cyber-attacks. Therefore, if you don’t secure your website, it could be compromised and confidential customer data will be stolen. This may result in expensive website repairs and loss of revenue.

To protect your website from hackers, use the following tips.

1. Use a Strong Password

Website security starts with a solid and secure password. Every website’s backend is always password protected. While it may be tempting to use an easy-to-remember password, don’t.

Pick a password that’s not too obvious but reasonably secure. A good password includes a mix of punctuation marks, capital, and small letters and numbers. You can also use the password auto-created by the password manager.

2. Install Periodic Software Updates

Regular updates are manufacturers’ way of keeping your system running efficiently. It can be tempting to try and save time by ignoring the software update notifications. After all, most updates need installation time and a complete system restart, which can eat into your team’s productivity.

Updates contain new security features. Pushing them aside could be quite dangerous as it makes your system vulnerable to attacks.

3. Run Periodic Website Security Checks

An excellent web security check can pinpoint any potential threats before they happen. You can hire a web monitoring service provider to assist.

Your website’s programming should be tested often for malicious activity. The web monitoring services you hire will take the burden off your shoulders.

Once the web monitoring service gives you a report of the website, ensure you pay close attention. Their findings will represent your site’s vulnerability details and how to fix them. The vulnerabilities and potential attacks are often classified according to the level of threat.

4. Use a Reputable and Secure Web Hosting Service

Web hosting plays an essential role in the security of any website. Thus, choose yours wisely. Before moving your website to a host, remember to first inquire about their security levels.

The best web hosting service companies work closely with internet security and forensics experts. This ensures that the websites under their jurisdiction are protected. Remember also to include a backup option to protect yourself against data loss.

5. Hire a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

An MSSP such as Uptime by Oshyn will provide management and 24/7 monitoring of security systems and devices. Standard MSSP services include intrusion detection, managed firewall, vulnerability scanning, and virtual private network.

MSSPs provide companies with better security services at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team. They ensure that your company maintains a high-security posture by providing extensive web monitoring and security services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Web Monitoring Services

Consistent web monitoring is essential for a secure website. It’s also vital for ensuring that your website is always working efficiently and available to consumers. Unfortunately, most start-ups and small businesses don’t have the resources, finances, and time to hire additional in-house IT professionals to monitor their networks.

Failing to monitor your network will increase the risk of technical problems. It can also expose your company to severe security threats. Below are ways that web monitoring and security services can benefit your company:

1. Maximizes Your Efficiency While Minimizing Cost

Hiring an MSSP is cheaper than building your own in-house security coverage team. That’s because the MSSP will offer your company a team of system security experts at a cheaper rate than building your own team in-house.

Purchasing a complete set of security devices and software could be quite costly. Finding an in-house team to run your security services will add to these expenses. Security outsourcing and MSSPs are a much cheaper alternative than having an in-house team.

2. MSSP Will Extend Your Security Team

An international MSSP offers your company a unique advantage. Thanks to its global footprint, your company can open branches and continue operating in any country in the world. You can do this through the security provider’s operation centers across the globe.

These operation centers will offer your company a bigger view of advanced threats and the most recent security threat intelligence.

3. You Can Stop Cybercrimes Before They Happen

MSSP will provide you with innovative monitoring, analysis, and inspection of malicious code. It will also successfully expose any attempted security breaches.

An MSSP will ensure that your company has a real-time incident response. You’ll also get the best cybersecurity defense and operational optimization. The company will use threat monitoring technology to monitor and stop incidents before they happen.

4. Rapid Incident Investigation and Response

Hiring a web monitoring and security provider will offer you unmatched event investigation and incident report services. They have experts who will handle your organization’s security incidents. This will ensure that no harm comes to your business and your network system.

MSSPs have the resources and expertise to handle single-system attacks. They can also battle wide-spread system intrusions.

Their incident response team will assess your system and recommend a course of action. They will also use digital forensics to handle any issues in your system. This helps the team create a plan to protect your company.

5. Better Log Management and SEIM Insights

Your company generates relevant customer and security data from different locations. Outsourcing web monitoring and security services will help you collect and analyze all your data from one single point. This makes it easier to recognize abnormal patterns and trends.

An MSSP will use the Security Information and Event Management system to collect and analyze security-related logs and documentation. They will run the data against an online catalog of threat intelligence reports. This will identify any potential or in-progress malicious activity.

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Web Monitoring and Security Services?

Website attacks and system virus infections could interfere with your employees’ ability to work. Cyber-attacks also affect your customers as hackers could steal their information. Outsourcing your web monitoring and system security services could save your company the hustle of dealing with cybercriminals.

Remember that prevention is better than cure. However, if you experience an attack, your swift actions will minimize the consequences and ensure a speedy recovery.

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