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Waist Trainer
Waist Trainer

Many women are skeptical when they first learn about waist training. A way to look slimmer, improve your posture, and feel more confident without going to the gym or dieting? It sounds impossible, especially for women interested in plus size shapewear. However, waist training can be easy and effective for a woman on the go, particularly once you know when to wear a waist trainer for the best results. With a few tips and tricks from experts, you’ll be shrinking your waist by inches in no time.

Before You Start

Before you can even get started, it is essential to purchasing the right waist trainer for you. Typically, waist trainers come in two primary styles: traditional steel-boned corsets and latex trainers. Steel bones typically offer more postural support and cinching, enabling women to wear them for longer periods of time. However, latex can often feel more breathable and often look more discreet under clothing, making hybrid corsets a great option for women seeking both comfort and support.

When purchasing a waist trainer, make sure to size yourself appropriately, as starting too small can cause damage to your delicate internal organs. To determine the appropriate size, measure the midsection of your waist with a measuring tape. For steel-boned corsets, subtract about 4-7 inches to get your starting size; for latex, only go down 2-3 inches. If the company you are ordering from uses a named sizing chart and you are in between sizes, it is always safer to go with the larger size. Ultimately, success from waist training comes from longevity of wear, which is more easily attained when you start slowly. Besides, you can always size down again later!

Getting Started

The ultimate goal is to be able to wear your waist trainer for about eight hours a day, but that will not come without practice. When you get your corset, it is important to break it in by wearing it for a maximum of two hours the first few days so it properly adjusts to the shape of your body. Start off on the loosest setting, but feel free to adjust down after an hour if you feel comfortable. Gradually increase the tightness and length of wear until you reach the lowest setting for about 6-8 hours a day maximum. If you feel that this is not enough, do not wear your waist trainer for longer than 8 hours – simply purchase a new corset in a smaller size. You should start seeing results within about a month of wear.

When To Wear A Waist Trainer

The amazing thing about waist trainers is that they can be worn at any time, and can even take inches off of your body while you have it on! When beginning, it is important to only wear waist trainers during non-strenuous activity while awake, but as your body becomes acclimated, feel free to wear your corset while both exercising and sleeping. The most important thing about wearing a waist trainer is learning to listen to your body and taking it off if you notice a numbing sensation, but other than that, they are completely fine to wear at any time.

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