VoIP: Is Your Business Ready For The 21st Century?


The fact that you are here reading this, one thing is for sure, either you are planning to switch to a hosted phone system or you have already made the move. Either be the case, you need to walk down this peculiar technology and see if your business is all set to incentivize the same.

The virtual phone system has been in the telecommunication sector for long. Experts consider this to be an economical and profitable alternative for traditional lines of telephony. No wonder why tens and hundreds of organizations have advanced towards restructuring their business to employ such a calling system.

If we study the reports submitted by Technavio, a research firm, you would be surprised to know that the global demand for hosted VoIP would reach the value of $140 billion by the end of 2021. Expected CAGR to be 9.1% between the period of 2016-2021.

These figures are sufficient enough to convince business entrepreneurs to integrate a modern form of communication and transmission. What do you think?

Do you or your business need a virtual phone system? Before you come up to a decision, let’s walk down the terminology of the technology and see what it has in store for all

What is hosted VoIP?

The hosted phone system is a scenario where the entire communication or the business phone is hosted by a different service provider. VoIP has been a trend that followed the replacement of traditional lines of telephony with voice over internet protocol. This solution was then implemented in the form of an on-premise solution. You had to have the software and the hardware installed within the enterprise to initiate communication.

What Do You Get When You Switch To Hosted VoIP?

The choice of migrating towards hosted VoIP isn’t reliant on the fact that it eliminates the need to have the hardware but extends to the following on a whole.

a) For one, the IT team no longer needs to host, manage or monitor the implementation process.

b) The cost incurred to host international calling or long distance charges is dramatically lowered.

c) Give organizations the ability to scale resources depending upon the needs and requirements of business eliminating wastage.

d) Leverage from a range of features as video conferencing, instant messaging, etc.

e) Eliminates geographical barriers as employees can now access the system from anywhere across the globe.

Benefits of VoIP- Why does your business need it?

Wondering why your business needs a VoIP phone system? Let’s find out.

  • Increased Scalability

Imagine having installed an on-premise phone system within your enterprise. Soon after a few months, the needs of the business expands and you need to purchase additional lines. Scaling now is a tough task, however not when you have hosted VoIP solution. This solution comes with the ease of scaling up or down as and when the business expands or shrinks.

  •  Optimized Cost

One of the excellent benefits of integrating a hosted solution is the reduced cost. Since you can now have the solution without installing dedicated software or hardware, the overall cost associated with it reduces. Also, it is seen that the price incurred in placing calls all over the world is lowered with a hosted solution.

  • Improved Response

Hosted phones come with significant features, each proven to improve and enhance the productivity of the organization. Starting with video conferencing to automated call response, recordings and automated call forwarding, organizations have the ease to react and respond as per their convenience. This leads to better communication between teams and also with the customers, enhancing the quality of interaction and fueling efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service.

  • Mobility

Since a hosted phone system does not require software or hardware for the solution and is largely mobile, employees can now have access to the system anywhere and everywhere. This ensures total mobility and increased productivity throughout the organization.

The Final Word

Summing up, it is pretty obvious that a hosted solution for your business phones is not just an option but the crux of the situation. Given the rising face of competition and the increasing rush, organizations are under immense pressure to serve their customers while adhering to the quality of service. And hosted VoIP solutions do exactly the same for them. 

Whether you like it or not, the trend has set it and if you are still against the adoption you might as well be out of the race. Hence, it’s time that you stop for a while and give a thought as to whether your business is 2021-2022 ready? 


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