Vito Proietti Provides Tips for Choosing Corporate Holiday Gifts


With the holidays knocking on our doors, it is time to start sending gifts to family and friends as well as employees and clients. But did you know that giving gifts to employees and clients in the corporate industry comes with a list of dos and don’ts? You need to put a lot of thought into what you choose to present to them. Buying holiday gift baskets for clients is not really the same as buying gift baskets for families. There are a number of factors that you need to consider. After all, the right corporate gifts can help your organization strengthen professional relationships, increase cooperation and create goodwill among your employees and clients.

Here are a few things that you need to remember when deciding to give corporate gifts this holiday season:

  •  Do not overspend

As much as you may be tempted to splurge and flaunt your financial prowess, do not go over your means when you decide on corporate gifts. It will not do you any good. Remember that the gifts are only a token of your appreciation and a holiday present, not a payment of any kind. Always remember that the only way to win the hearts of your clients is by providing quality service; these corporate gifts are just a gesture of goodwill. So, you do not need to send luxurious gifts; try to set a budget for it. 

  • Refrain from using logos

You may want to leave a mark of your organization on the gifts, but avoid doing it because it comes across as distasteful. Holiday gifts should be treated as a platform for self-promotion. That ruins the sentiments associated with it. As per Vito Proietti, you do not want to give the impression of using these gifts as an advertising tool, so give them as a gift only. 

  •  Personalize

While it is definitely easier to give everyone the same generic gift, personalization can greatly enhance the significance of the gesture. It shows that you actually care. For instance, in your holiday gift baskets for corporate clients, you can add a handwritten note or include something that the recipient will value. Doing such small things will distinguish you from your competitors, and you will be able to win the hearts of your clients. What’s more, they will remember your gifts for years to come.

  •  Check for spelling errors

This may sound insignificant, but it is extremely important. Wrong spellings can be off-putting and a little insulting. Even though some names can be difficult to spell, it is mandatory that you double or even triple-check the spellings. A holiday fruit gift basket with a wrongly spelled name will be nothing but a failure.

Keep these things in mind to send the perfect holiday gift baskets or any other thing to your clients this year. You can also look for other types of gifts that will help you in making the day for your clients and increase your recall value. 

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