Virtual Monetary Discussions Can Put Your Finances on Track in 2021

Virtual Monetary Discussions
Virtual Monetary Discussions

2020 was a year that a lot of companies had to close due to COVID-19, believing it was merely a short-term measure. Several thought they would open back up in 2 two weeks and even left half-full cups of coffee and house plants remained on people’s desks, then sat there with no one to tend to them for over the past year.

Firms which had a good contingency plan designated before this pandemic occurred were much more prepared to handle this unheard-of event. The ones that were more technologically advanced, as well as customer-centric firms, were the best outfitted to manage and steer these brand-new range of trials.

Though the planet paused for a while, the necessity of getting things going again and conducting business virtually happened soon after. When that happened, a lot of the firms had to scramble to construct appropriate infrastructure so they too could work online. The ones that already had such equipment and software were ready to deliver online services the fastest.

An illustration of a sensible continuity plan was shown by Fragasso Financial Advisors. They are an investment management and financial development business based in Beaver, PA, who had to temporarily close offices when the pandemic started. Using its advanced tech platform, it already had prior to Covid-19, it managed to keep providing the exact same number of services to its customers, even though it had to close some of its offices.

Fragasso Financial Advisors’ Beaver, PA office is still yet limiting any in-person visits and requests for in-person appointments in advance are encouraged. However, this office is still offering to provide free of charge virtual discussions with prospective clients. Fragasso Financial Advisors’ Beaver, PA office team, to include Paul Mehno, Colette Griffith, and Rachel Weaver are still offering services like retirement income planning, as well as tax planning strategies, and thorough estate planning. People inquiring for more information on these services are able to schedule an online consultation in advance.

The company’s contingency and continuity policies have proven quite effective, with all of the Fragasso Financial Advisors offices being able to shut their doors, yet still work online and give their clients the exact amount of attention as well as bring new customers onboard. That is a huge accomplishment because Fragasso Financial Advisors maintains nearly two billion dollars under advisement along with non-advisory holdings combined, plus it represents roughly two thousand households. This firm has traversed the Covid-19 pandemic nicely and continues to recognize that clients and prospects may prefer the convenience and safety of online consultations going forward.

The Fragasso Financial Advisors executive team has been closely monitoring the state of affairs while preserving the safety of their customers as well as their employees. Via using a secure file sharing system as well as advanced online communication methods, the online experience has remained very effective. The management and administration of customer portfolios remains the top priority even when it had to close the Beaver Park, PA office.

Fragasso Financial Advisors prioritizes health and safety. They announced they will let customer know how to get an in-person appointment via the company’s website. Till then, customers can fill out the online contact form or contact an office directly for an online consultation.

The whole globe has suffered through this pandemic for more than a year, so both customers and companies had to find a way to get things done virtually. Until this pandemic is over, companies such as Fragasso Financial Advisors Beaver Creek, PA office will keep working online.

Investment advice offered by investment advisor representatives through Fragasso Financial Advisors, a registered investment advisor.


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