Understanding Custody Deciding Factors For Adoption Of Child


When you discuss the future of the child and to whom his/ her custody deciding will be given; is a very serious matter. It has to be addressed with full attention because you will be giving the future of the child into either good or bad hands.

What are Types Of Child Custody?

When you visit the adoption attorney Atlanta you will come to know that you can choose three main kinds of custody options. You must choose the right one because the future of your child depends on it.

Joint physical Custody

This means that both the parents have equal legal rights of guardianship of the child. Both can spend equal time with their child also the expenses of the child are evenly distributed.

Sole Custody Of The Child

As the name suggests only one parent has the right to have full custody of the child. The other parent can only have the rights to visit the child. 

Custody Through Third-Party

Another kind of custody explained by the best adoption attorney in Atlanta Georgia is that the custody of the child is neither with mother nor father, but some third-person is the legal guardian of the child. Both parents can come and visit as non-custodial parents. 

Decisions Custodial Parents Make For Child

The parents receive custody of the child; they are responsible for making important decisions for the child. These range from minor ones to major decisions. These include the type of food, schooling, and the religion they have to adopt and medical treatments. 

Custody Deciding Factors ByAdoption Attorney Atlanta

When determining which parent will be given legal custody of the child the lawyers like Tom Tebeau take into consideration the following factors that make the decision easier.

How Is The Child’s Relation With Parents?

It a well-known fact that some children are attached to their mothers and others to the father. So the lawyers and especially the judge have to decide very carefully keeping in mind the relationship between the child and parents.

Is The Relationship With Step-Siblings Good Or Bad?

If the custody is going to a parent who has remarried and he/ she have children; the children from both parents will become step-siblings. The relationship between the step-siblings is also important to note because the lawyers don’t want to send the child in a house of mean siblings.

What Is The Capacity Of Care Providing Of Parents?

Besides love and care for the child, the parents have to provide all the things that the child needs. The parent who is stronger financially is the most eligible for the custody of the child according to child custody laws.

Which Of The Parents Will Give The Child A Good Life?

As discussed above the financial condition of the parents is checked so that it is confirmed which of the parents can give the best to the child. Who is eligible to provide the child with a good life?

In Which Household Child May Face Abuse?

This is by far one of the most important factors that the lawyers and the judge have to be considered because the abusive attitude of either of the parents leaves a major mark on the psychology of the child. Also, the adoption attorney Atlanta has to respect the desires of the child.

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