Types Of Materials Used For Manufacturing Sneeze Guards For Desks


Whenever you looking for sneezing guards, there are various materials used for its manufacturing. Most companies will be selling sneeze guards out of clearer acrylic plastic. Acrylic is primarily known by its commercial name of Plexiglas, which is made using Poly or methyl methacrylate. You can find this material sold under so many names.

Some of the other common materials used for manufacturing sneeze guards for desks will be polycarbonate and PETG. Polycarbonate is known to be more flexible than Plexiglas but less flammable plastic. With some growing concerns over the uses of these sneeze guards, the State Education Department came up with a memo claims that some barriers need to be polycarbonate because of the fire code.

More on the materials:

There has a line in the said memo that states that the installations where these guards not fastened to building element, then the furnishing needs to comply with the MPS S205-13 b. For approving the use of these sneeze guards, those products will go through some fire tests first. It shows that the items selected as sneeze guards can withstand the fire-related problems if any. The portable sneeze guards are mostly made using Plexiglas as it is one go-to option these days.

Safety and health are of top-notch priority:

No matter how much you try, it is really hard to completely stop the spread of coronavirus these days. Most companies will be selling sneeze guards out of clearer acrylic plastic. Therefore, people trying their level best to check out some of the ways in which they can handle the spread of these viruses, and that’s when the sneeze guards come into action.

  • Whenever you are using Plexiglas for manufacturing these guards, there needs to be a required distance between the staff and customers. The companies have given the responsibility to maintain that distance. Even the glass material is pretty pleasant to look at.
  • You are likely to receive premium quality acrylic glass from the manufacturer directly. On the other hand, you better consider which one to choose between portable and permanent sneeze guards.
  • These Plexiglas-related sneeze guards are easier to process when compared to the glass version. That’s why more businesses are heading towards these options nowadays.
  • On the other hand, you can use these products to create an extra layer of protection against various applications these days. So, businesses of all kinds making it necessary to add such guards on any desk, where there are common customer interactions taking place.
  • Plexiglas made primarily for manufacturing infection protection screens. These screens are now going to combine safety with proper aesthetics to focus on. So, checking out with the best manufacturers for these sneeze-guards is really important.

Be sure to go through all the customers manufacturing screen guards and then aim for the best name. For that, a little bit of research is what you are aiming for. Once you have checked out all the possible options with the companies and their pros and cons related to products, aim for the final selection.


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