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Type of Blenders: How to use them

The multipurpose nature of the blender means you have to consider picking the right one to suit your needs. A blender is handy in the kitchen for grinding, whisking, mixing, chopping, blending ingredients, and more. Blenders help you get the most out of whatever you are eating by bringing out all the nutrients in your food, and it also breaks down the food, which makes it easier for the digestive system to assimilate. 

Blenders vary in speed, blades, and functions, and we know how confusing and challenging picking the right blender might be but don’t sweat it; we will be helping you make the right choice of blenders by explaining their different types and their uses. You can also get other recommendations on all kitchen equipment at

Hand Blender or Immersion Blenders

This blender is a portable blender comprising of a handle on top for control and a blade at the end.

  • It is mainly used for beating or mixing ingredients. They are small and convenient to use and are fantastic for a range of pastry options desserts, and for some, it does the job of the best-whipped cream dispenser. 
  • It comes in a cordless or electric design to suit a multitude of needs. 

Single Serve Blenders

Designed similar but smaller than full-sized blenders, this blender is ideal for whipping up smoothies in no time at all. 

  • They are great for saving money and space and are very easy and convenient to use. 
  • You can prepare almost anything with these as they possess the power of the full-sized blender though in a small design. 
  • A complete single serve blender cup is at most one or two serves, so it cannot prepare large amounts at once.

Whipped cream dispensers are also sometimes regarded as single-serve blenders. The best whipped cream dispenser is made of stainless steel as they are durable and versatile.

Commercial blender

These blenders are created for professional kitchens and are intended to handle larger quantities of ingredients. It has more power and more professional functions. 

  • The commercial blender is built to do it all in the kitchen, from grinding to blending or mincing ingredients. 
  • They are built to be strong and more long-lasting than other blenders. Hence, very durable and can handle more workload. 
  • Some commercial blenders come with self-cleaning technology, which reduces the stress of manually cleaning the blades. 
  • Commercial blenders are expensive as they are built with quality materials, but it makes up for that in performance and durability. 
  • The huge size of the jar on the commercial blender means you get to blend large quantities or sizes of ingredients at once without hassle. 

Can you make smoothies in a food processor?

Well, yes, you can make smoothies in a food processor. But you also need to know that doing that would be much easier with a blender. 


No blender can do it all, but with the help of this article, picking the right blender should become more accessible. Things to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate blender include: 

  • How frequently you intend to use the blender. This will decide the build and if you need to invest in a stronger product or not. 
  • The type of food you make. Some ingredients require a blender with more power, but some do not. Thinking of your favorite meal should help. 

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