Troubled by a broken pipe in your yard? Call a pipe relining company now


Broken pipes in and around a house are a headache for the house owners. Knocking down a wall or digging pits in the yard are required to perform these repairs. But with many companies offering pipe relining in Sydney, this kind of tedious repair that messes up yards is a thing of the past. Nowadays more and more people are opting for pipe relining as it doesn’t require digging, knocking down, or other heavy physical work.

This article talks about pipe relining, reasons to hire one, and the ways to find the best service offering pipe relining in Sydney.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is the non-messy, no excavation alternative to the traditional way of fixing broken and leaking pipes. A new pipe is inserted into the existing damaged one in such a way that it fits just right and prevents any further leaks. Since it fixes well, there is no fear of less flow.

The service team inspects the broken pipe with the help of a drain camera, creates a pipe liner and an inflatable bladder according to the measurement. The bladder is fixed on the liner dipped in a resin and set in place with the aid of the drain camera. The bladder inflates and so does the liner. The liner takes the place of the broken pipe while the bladder stays inflated till the resin hardens.

Why should a pipe relining service be hired?

Pipe relining has gained popularity in and around Sydney as a result of the advantages it has over the traditional repair method. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Less tedious and More hassle-free

Pipe relining saves house owners from digging up their yards and the messiness associated with it. Since it is a non-dig method, it is suited for new and old houses alike as no one likes messy, muddy pits in their yards.

Lasts for a lifetime

Relined pipes are durable than normal pipes. They often come with a warranty of over 35 years. Hence, they can be considered a lifetime investment.


Pipe relining is cost-effective compared to the traditional type of repairing that involves digging, covering up the trenches, and cleaning up. Relining, on the other hand, doesn’t need digging so the house owner can save himself from paying for digging and covering up.

All for one fix

The pipe relining method can be used to repair a wide range of pipes like sewer, cast iron, copper, cement, or metal pipes. It is a go-to method to fix any kind of pipe.

How to find the best pipe relining service in Sydney?\

  • Reviews- Google the services, look for reviews and testimonials. Reading reviews is an effective way to know if a service is suitable for you or not.


  • Same-day service- Choose local services to get the benefit of same-day service. A local service will also guarantee an on-site visit within the least possible time.


  • Estimate Calculator- Reputed pipe relining service will have an estimate calculator to help potential customers to have an idea of the cost. Leverage this feature given by these companies to find a rough estimate and plan.


  • Industries they cover- Almost all pipe lining services cover industries, both residential and commercial. Ensure that the chosen pipe relining service covers commercial industries, in case that is needed.


  • Extra Services- Some reputable companies like Proximity Plumbing go the extra mile to help their customers by providing preventive plumbing maintenance. These companies inspect the whole plumbing system to avoid immediate and emergency leakage issues in near future.

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