Top Tips For Your Solo Getaway

Top Tips For Your Solo Getaway

Traveling alone can be a wonderful experience, full of excitement and fun, whilst also giving you the opportunity to sit and reflect or to take some time out for yourself. Whatever your reason for wanting to take a solo trip, we’re here with some top tips on how to travel alone.

From the RV itself to what you’ve packed to bring along inside it, the following tips will hopefully help you have a great solo getaway. You might not even want to come back!

1.  Choose the Right Type of RV

Traveling in an RV that is too big or too small for your needs could cause problems when you’re out on the road, either because the space is too cramped for the number of people, or because you’re spending too much money on an RV with more room than you actually need.

In terms of solo travel, small camper trailers or camper vans would be the perfect size for your needs and they tend to be much cheaper to rent or buy than some of the roomier camper vans, such as Class A motorhomes, for example.

2.  Plan Your Route

Getting away for a break is supposed to be relaxing, so planning your route in advance will take away some of the navigational stress – especially when there’s nobody else to ask!

Why not check out some of the pre-planned routes you can find online, or take a look at the national state park guides for some more useful tips. When planning your route, keep in mind the RV you’ll be traveling in, and check if there will be any restrictions to factor in.

3.  Check In

When traveling solo, it’s a good idea to stay in contact with a friend or family member for the duration of your trip, even if the whole point of it is to experience some alone time.

This will help alleviate the anxiety of those closest to you about you traveling alone in an RV, but practically, it also means that if you were to stop checking in, at least one person will be aware that your radio silence might be more than just you taking some time for yourself.

It seems pertinent at this point to remind you to always keep your devices charged in case of an emergency. If you’re worried about power, why not get yourself a portable power pack or even a small generator for your RV.

4.  Don’t Show Off That Your Solo Traveling

As proud of yourself as you might be feeling for setting off on your own, advertising the fact whilst you’re traveling is not a good idea. It’s fine to meet new people and make new friends on your travels but always proceed with caution in conversations about how you’re traveling.

One good tip is to set up an extra chair in front of your van to give the appearance that more than one person is staying there, or to avoid meeting up with others directly near your RV.

5.  Pack Plenty of Entertainment

Traveling alone can be a great time for solitude and quiet reflection, but it can also become… dare we say it… a little boring?

There are only so many walks you can go on during the day, and when it comes to evening, nobody wants to be stuck twiddling their thumbs because they forget to pack anything to entertain themselves with, whether it should be Sudoku, a good book, or your favorite film.

6.  Arrive When it’s Still Light

Our next piece of advice is to always try and arrive at the next campsite or stop point on your route when it’s still early so that it will be light outside while you set up your camp.

This is advisable for the same reason it’s a good idea to keep the fact that you’re traveling alone to yourself, but it’s also good practice in general, as it means there’s time to sort out any issues you may run into as the camp reception staff will often still be around to help you.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these tips will help you prepare for your next solo getaway in your RV and that you’ll come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after having a little break by yourself.

If in doubt, the majority of campers you cross paths with on your travels will be friendly and likely more than happy to help should you have any questions or if you run into any issues.


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