Top Tips For Using Decorative Wall Panels

Wall Panels
Wall Panels

When you are looking for a way to bring your rooms, home or workspace to life, you will discover that one of the best ways is to use decorative wall panels. Decorative wall panels can be used for a variety of reasons. First, they give you a focal point that can really pull your room together and make it stand out. 

They can be used to cover an entire wall, they can be used as individual pieces, or you can use several to help make a bold and striking statement. Depending on what you want to achieve, you have a lot of options when it comes to decorating with these panels.

This article will give you some top tips on how to use decorative wall panels properly.

Ensure their cleanliness 

One of the first things that you will need to know when it comes to using decorative wall panels is to ensure that they are not stained or dirty in any way. If you notice that they are discoloured or even matted, then you will need to take action before the colours start to bleed through. You could try applying a sealant over the panel, but if the discolouration is already advanced, then you will just need to sand the area lightly to remove the pigment. This will prevent you from further discolouring the area, which will prolong the life of the panel.

When cleaning decorative wall panels, you should be mindful of how they are positioned. Try to keep them at eye level so that you can see all of the panels at once. There is no point in having one panel with a very dirty edge because you won’t be able to see the rest. So always position them so that you can see each one clearly.

Paint them at least every couple of years

In order to protect the surface of the panels, you should paint each one once a year, rather than painting them at the time that they need refurbishing. If you don’t then you will find that the colour of the wood will have faded and looked quite ugly. Also, if you use decorative wall panels that are very old, then the finish may have started to oxidize, meaning that it will look very unattractive over time. If you paint them regularly, then you will be able to maintain their colour and prevent them from oxidizing.

In order to get the most from the panels in your home, you should ensure that you give them some maintenance. This will give you panels that last much longer, and you will also find that they are easier to clean. It is important to remember that in order to paint the panels, you will need an airless paint sprayer in order to ensure that the surface is completely protected. You should also ensure that you give each piece of the panel a good cleaning once every half a year in order to remove any dirt that might have built up over time.

Use them as a focal point in a room

In addition to using decorative wall panels in your home, you can use them as a focal point in a room. Using panels to decorate your living room is an excellent idea as you can let different designs show off at a time. For example, you could make the panels match your sofa and your dining table. Alternatively, you could pick out one design and make the whole room reflect that theme. Also, depending on the size of your room you can create a small “zone” where you display one design in a particular area and leave the rest of the room unadorned.

Use them in a conservatory.

Another great idea for using decorative wall panels in your home is to use them in a conservatory. The panels can provide you with a wonderful focal point, and they will really add to the beauty of the conservatory. They will not only act as a focal point for the conservatory, but they can also act as a great way in which to display various items. For example, you might hang mirrors or paintings in order to give your conservatory a particular feel, and you can also put some clever knick-knacks in the frame.

There are a number of other different ideas that you can incorporate into your home decor when it comes to using decorative wall panels. You can learn more at By taking some time out to consider how you can change the look of your room, you can ensure that you create an atmosphere that compliments your home and helps you create a feeling of space. Also, by choosing to decorate with these items rather than more traditional wall decor, you will be able to save yourself some money, and you will also be able to add a touch of personalization to your home. By looking at all of the ways in which you can improve the look of your home, you can ensure that you have many years of enjoyment from your home decorating budget.

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