Top Gadgets You Need for Study


Students hadn’t been dependent on technologies three or even two decades ago as much as they are nowadays. The overall digitalization of everything already happened. And the global coronavirus pandemic made another correction: education had to go remote.

That happened quickly. The infrastructure was either ready to go or pumped to the required level within the shortest possible time. However, that means that modern students need electronic gadgets not only to visit pages like but to study successfully. Here is the list of tech equipment every student requires for their comfort in 2021.


This one is a must-have item. It can be a desktop or a laptop computer, but a student needs a relatively modern machine available for them at any moment. If you want to satisfy basic studying needs like web browsing, essay writing, presentation making, messaging, and emailing, then the basic models should be more than enough. One of those won’t cost you more than 500 dollars (including the display and peripherals if you prefer a desktop).

Though, it should be noted here that some majors might have special hardware requirements for students to feel comfortable. For instance, students studying design, photography, video making, or programming will most probably feel much better while working at their rigs after investing up to 2 thousand bucks.

When speaking of laptops, it is better to refuse to save too much on them as well. A Chromebook working under the Chrome OS will suit web browsing purposes like checking but may cause noticeable discomfort when you need to go beyond emailing or social media messaging.

So, try to get at least a device based on Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon of recent generations able to run Microsoft Windows. That’ll work much better. And yes, you’ll be able to launch some old games on such laptops to hang out on weekends.


Come on. Everyone has their phone nowadays. Staying in touch with groupmates and professors on purpose is not just an advantage that excellent students might want to use. It’s rather a vital communication channel that you can take with you anywhere (unlike desktop or even laptop PCs described a bit above).

But then again, student smartphones should not be flagship models with their prices reaching over $1000. A budget but fresh phone bought in 2021 allows doing everything a student might need. Calls, messengers, mobile browsers, time management, exercising, and academic performance tracking apps, and some simplest games to kill your time while going to the college in the morning will work smoothly enough on a smartphone within the $100-$200 price range.


Well, the two gadgets mentioned above are critical for a modern student. A tablet, however, is optional. A student owning a desktop PC but not a laptop will surely be happy to have this device at hand. A tablet is lighter and more comfortable to carry than even the smallest laptop, and at the same time, it offers more functionality compared to a smartphone.

Tablets are suitable for taking notes during classes, answer academic emails on the go, and stay in touch with your groupmates during breaks. Additionally, a tablet is an all-in-one device that can even replace a broken or forgotten PC for a while after you connect a keyboard and mouse to it.

Smart Watch

Tablets and smartphones are good for studying, no doubt. But a smartwatch can bring you a lot of benefits in multiple fields. For example, it is a perfect time management instrument. You only need to set up your daily or weekly schedule once for it, and nothing will be forgotten.

Moreover, modern smartwatches can track your exercising progress and monitor your overall health. Built-in stress-meter solutions are extremely useful during exam session months: they’ll let you know when it is time to rest and relax in order to avoid physical and mental exhaustion.

Of course, all smartwatches are best when synchronized with your smartphone or tablet: that’s how you won’t lose any data. Additionally, a smartwatch will help you concentrate on studying. Think about that: you can put your smartphone away before you start doing homework with such a watch. It allows you to answer urgent phone calls and keep an eye on important notifications and messages without risking losing too much time in social media with a phone.  


All the devices mentioned above have their speakers and microphones either built-in or possible to connect. However, the reality of 2021 is the reality of remote study for the majority of students worldwide. It’s much more comfortable to listen to online lectures and communicate with people via the web if you know your sound is… isolated. Like, you don’t get distracted by side noises, and people around you can’t hear what your teacher or groupmates are saying at any moment. That’s perfect!


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