Top Educational Apps Useful to Everyone



Modern technology is the greatest achievement of humanity. About 50 years ago, computers occupied half a room. Now the power of your smartphone is greater than many servers of the past. Technology and knowledge have become available to everyone, and you can take advantage of them. Here are some great educational apps that will be very useful for learning new topics and communicating with your professor.

Google Classroom

The modern education process is impossible without papers and various tasks. Thanks to this application, students can access the lectures and data they need to complete their homework in time. Professors can create sections and chat rooms to exchange information and inform students about upcoming activities. It is also a place for starting an online lesson and discussing assignments.

Any student can download this application for free. Groups are accessed by invitation. Now online education can become much more convenient for you. Knowing the number of tasks, you can delegate some papers to anyone. But you should read the paper writing service reviews first. Then you will know who you can trust.


Do you want to study at Harvard? Or do you have some other famous university in mind? Unfortunately, many students cannot afford to study in some educational institutions due to many circumstances. But this does not mean that you cannot try various educational courses. Thanks to this application, you will have access to video lessons, lecture notes, and quizzes to improve your knowledge.

In addition, the application allows you to receive an online certificate that will confirm that your self-education was successful. If you do not have enough time to complete these courses, you can ask someone to write your papers. But first, you should read the BestEssays review to know which companies you shouldn’t trust.

Khan Academy

Many people perceive information better and faster thanks to short informative videos. This application offers exactly this learning strategy. You can choose any course for free and start watching the video. All lessons are divided into subtopics and last no more than 10 minutes. This will help you remember most of the information.

The app contains many tests and additional content for an in-depth study of each topic. Thanks to the knowledge gained, you will be able to take tests at your college or university and receive high grades. Consider this app your personal tutor.


Learning foreign languages ​​is very important for every person. With globalization and the ability to travel worldwide, knowing the local dialect will be a very rewarding skill. This application allows you to learn the basics of 30 languages. The education system is based on the formation of vocabulary and graphic associations.

For example, you can see pictures and remember the name of various items. The app allows you to listen to the correct pronunciation and repeat words. In addition, beginners are offered step-by-step complications of tasks to stimulate the learning process. Each completed level gives the user a small reward in the form of a digital statuette.


If you are a student or a parent, you know how difficult it is to exchange data and maintain an effective learning process at home. With this app, online education is closer than ever. Students can now create shared groups and download lectures and other data. An automatic system for translating chats into other languages ​​will allow you to communicate with any person without restrictions. Each group has separate chats for messaging. Now you can ask questions to several people at the same time or use private rooms. Most of the features are free, which is a great opportunity to test the app today.


Have you ever felt helpless while doing your algebra or geometry homework? Most likely, you remember at least one case when a complex equation was incomprehensible to you. But now you can find all the answers thanks to this application. You need to activate your smartphone’s camera and take a picture.

The application will automatically analyze the data and find matches in the general database. Thanks to this, you will see possible solutions to your math problem and detailed instructions. In addition, the application has an excellent engineering calculator for graphing. Another plus is the built-in database. You will be able to get help with your assignment even without a network connection.

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few apps that can make a student’s life much easier and more fun. Now you do not have to search for an answer to any question for a long time. Many applications are created in a game format to stimulate students to learn new things with enthusiasm. 

Plus, now, you can chat with other people online and discuss the nuances of academic assignments. Just download an app that allows you to share data and participate in your college or university community. The main plus is that most of the applications are free, and you don’t have to subscribe. Now knowledge has become more accessible to everyone.


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