Top 8 Tips to Develop a Mobile App for E-Commerce to Boost Your Profit


Although most revenue is achieved by a mobile app, only a few retailers have a mobile app! With this opportunity on the market, an eCommerce company that wants to maximize its revenue should consider creating a smartphone app.

Top Eight Tips to Develop A Mobile App

Checkout and Log in Quickly

Nothing irritates me more than having to type in the same information, such as my email address, gender, surname, address, security questions, and so on, over and over again.

Don’t irritate people when they’re signing in or checking out – since touch screens lack a physical keyboard, they’re more intrusive for printing. You will lose clients if you make the login/checkout process too long.

Simple Navigation and Consistency 

One of the most important design criteria is to keep the mobile app compatible, which ensures that identical components can function and look the same.

Consistency can take the form of:

  • Consistency in appearance – buttons, fonts, and color schemes should all be the same.
  • Functional Consistency – interactive elements (for example, navigation elements) can behave consistently across displays.
  • External consistency – all of the goods (for example, a website and Android and iOS apps) should follow the same design trends.

Design that is Easy to Follow and Understandable 

When users open an e-commerce app, the first feature they see is the user interface (UI), which enables them to access the app, browse and discover categories, and conduct searches.

Often bear in mind that a mobile device’s screen is much smaller, so you’re constrained in space – the home screen should have a simple interface with a convenient navigation mechanism and search options, with each icon, menu, or piece of content is well arranged and tidy.

Button to Add to the Card in a Visible Place

Since any consumer can use it to purchase items from you, the cart should still be available.

It should be transparent to allow consumers to add products without going to the cart tab, allowing them to continue shopping.

Make an effort to reduce the number of steps and improve the shopping experience.

Input with One Hand

Alliance Recruitment Agency must put elements that will enable consumers to take a particular action in the world of smartphones and touch screens.

A Thumb-friendly zone refers to a portion of the device that a person can conveniently access with his thumb while holding a handset in the other hand. Check if all of the elements are in the thumb-friendly range, as people would not make an effort if anything is difficult to hit.

In the thumb-friendly field, the buttons should be placed?

  • Add to the shopping cart.
  • Pay button on the payment page Proceeds button that takes you from the cart to the checkout.

Load Fast 

Users no longer wish to load delays in time or not. For more than 4-5 seconds, the loading circle causes a user to give up this app.

Just a second pause in page charging will lead to fewer views by 11 percent or 16 percent user satisfaction.

You must ensure that your software loads as quickly as possible if you wish to keep up with the e-commerce environment. In less than 4-5 seconds, each feature, image, or page needs to be loaded by the online user.

Feature of a Favorite or Wishlist

Customers like to search or choose the best pieces before making an order.

The alternative is a feature called “add to favorite” or “add to wish list,” which allows users to collect all of their options in one location before deciding which one to purchase – close to how people shop in brick-and-mortar shops.

Priority for Security 

When you have an e-commerce app, you ask for a lot of information from your clients, such as bank account information, credit card information, and address.

If the use of cell phones grows in popularity, hackers and attacks are becoming more common. A badly secured app will quickly be hacked, exposing confidential and financial details.

This is why you can always have a high degree of protection in an app and encrypt each transaction with the best security features possible.

Even if it seems to be prohibitively costly, the repercussions of not providing a high degree of security range from prohibitively expensive to unlikely, when your company and credibility are dependent on your safe app.


You can see how relevant an e-commerce company’s smartphone application is in everyday life. E-commerce firms cannot sacrifice quality to please the market while still expanding their market. They can’t afford to take it easy and risk getting overrun by their rivals. Checkout why you need to hire a web developer that must follow some rules in his/her mind when creating an app that meets the needs of e-commerce firms and local consumers. The app’s ease of use adds a lot to its initial success in catching the attention of customers.

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