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Top 5 Attractive Parks in Georgia That You Must Visit

The state of Georgia is one of the most attractive places in the United States. Not only it is filled with natural beauty, but the state has set up convenient spots for tourists to visit the beauties of the state and enjoy the mesmerizing views. When we talk about “convenient spots,” we mean state parks.

Parks in Georgia are not only the perfect spots to take in the beauty of scenic picturesque, but they also contain a lot of fun activities for people who visit them.

To be fair, there is no valid excuse to choose any other place over parks, and if you are not clear about which park you should go to, follow the guide below.

This comprehensive article will let you know each and everything there is to know about the top 5 parks in Georgia and why you should go there.

Let’s begin.

1.   Tallulah Gorge State Park

Talullah Gorge State Park is a state-owned park in Georgia, located adjacent to the famous Tallulah Falls. Talullah Park is named after the area that it surrounds—Tallulah Gorge—which is an amazingly spectacular 1,000-foot-deep gorge, formed due to the constant flow of the Tallulah River. In fact, Talullah Gorge is probably one of the most amazing canyons in the eastern US.

As you can probably tell, Talullah Park is completely made of worth-viewing attractions and natural sceneries, such as rivers, gorge, hills, and greenery. However, the most significantly attractive factors of the park are 6 waterfalls, called Tallulah Falls.

In this park, visitors are allowed to hike to the floor of the gorge; however, a permit is closed during the water release days. There is a suspension bridge 80-foot above the rocks that provides a perfect scenic view of the waterfalls. There is a place for mountain bikers to trail a 10-mile terrain.

Overall, Tallulah Gorge State Park is one of the highlights of Georgia. Its preserved ecosystem and rich history are worth visiting. In fact, films shot here have won awards for best cinematography. For tourists, recreational activities, there are kayak, climbing, and hiking facilities, along with a gift shop that offers a large variety of edible and nonedible things.

2.   Unicoi State Park

Unicoi State Park is a great addition to the already beautiful mountain town of Helen in Georgia. Unicoi is a 1,050-acre large park with a 53-acre beautiful lake for a centerpiece on the Smith Creek. The rest of the park is mainly filled with forests. The forests are a special part of the park because they change the color of their leaves during the month of October, which attracts people from all over the state and country.

For the convenience of the tourists, the Unicoi State Park is adjoined with the lodge. The lodge provides a great number of facilities who want to go swimming or boating in a lake or enjoy the beauty of the forests. Unfortunately, the park and the lodge have been once affected by a tornado; the lodge was greatly damaged and some of the trees fell down. But the state has done its best to preserve it again and make it a sight of heavenly beauty.

3.   Sweetwater Creek State Park

2,549-acre large park in east Douglas County of Georgia is called the Sweetwater Creek State Park. It is located 15-miles away from downtown Atlanta. The place got its name because of the Sweetwater Creek that runs through the park.

Because of the shiny view of the creek water and its joining greenery, the park has become a great tourist attraction. There is a forest that provides a beautiful, wooded walking path. People on foot can also use hiking trails for more fun. For enjoyment and convenience, the park features George Sparks Reservoir, a gift shop, and the visitor center.

What’s more, Sweetwater Creek is not only the water and wood, it also has a great historical significance. People can see the ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company. The visitor center is also an artifact of the Native Americans.

Although the park is naturally so beautiful that it makes one wonder about its beauty, its environment has been partially conserved. The state maintenance department wants this park to stay as beautiful for future generations as it is for the present. Therefore, preservation methods are used, such as green roofs, composting toilets, solar panels, and biorientation ponds.

4.   Red Top Mountain State Park

Red Top Mountain Park is an amazingly beautiful state park located on the side of Allatoona Lake in northwestern Georgia. The park is a 1,776-acre large peninsula and is named after its Red Top Mountain that is rich in iron. The north side of the park is adjoined with Lake Allatoona on the north, it touches the Etowah River from the north and east sides, and mixes with the Allatoona Creek on the west arm—thus, a peninsula.

Considering the surroundings of the fresh, cool water, Red Top Mountain Park is an ideal spot for swimming. The visitors can also do fishing and skiing. For mid-water fishing or skiing, park visitors are allowed to bring their own boats, or they can also rent from nearby points.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a sandy and tree-filled beach which attracts a huge population in the summertime. But don’t you worry about your picnic needs, you can easily rent shelters for your meetings and parties, and cottages if you want to stay overnight.

There is a campground in the park which provides a lake view. Although a lake is the park’s valuable factor, hiking is another thing which this park is famous for. The hiking trail that goes through the forested park is not less than 15 miles.

Overall, the red top mountain is a perfectly picturesque place to go. Due to its overwhelming recognition, it is mostly populated with tourists just like yourselves. So, if you want to party, this is your place to go.

5.   Stone Mountain Park

Yes, I saved the best one for the last. The Stone Mountain Park is a phrase that anyone will instantly say if you ask them about the best and the most beautiful parks in Georgia. Stone Mountain Park is based on Stone Mountain, a big rock relief on the north face of the park. In fact, Stone Mountain is the largest bas-relief artwork in the world (Wikipedia). It is the most visited attraction in the state of Georgia that attracts about 4 million people each year.

The park is spread for 3,200 acres of natural scenic beauty, which includes one of the most significant Stone Mountain attractions, the big Stone Mountain, which is naturally primarily made of an igneous intrusion kind of rock. The mountain’s peak can be reached either by a hard walk-up trail or through an aerial Skyride. In any case, it’s totally worth the view. The park’s wide-range geology is another thing that attracts millions of people to be lost in its amazing beauty

Apart from its peace-offering and wonderous natural structures of beauty, the park is a purely fun destination for friends and family, because the state has set up different spots and activities for enjoyment and recreation. For instance, the world’s largest laser show Spectacular, golf course, campground, and luxury hotels for stay.

Now you know all five must-visit natural locations in Georgia, US. Go there and have fun.

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