Top 3 Online Programs to Design Logos for Non-designer


When you meet people for the first time, your appearance generates the first impression. These people will remember your appearance and disposition for an extended period and the case for your website or company. Your company logo is a visual icon of your presence on the Internet and reflects the identity of your brand Commercial. And the logo of your site or company is linked to people’s minds for a long time, as once they see your company logo, whether, on the Internet or offline, people will directly remember the activity of your company and the products that you offer.

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Considering that it is possible to change the logo design later, the startups and website owners may not take the logo design seriously from the start. However, they do not know that changing the company’s logo may be costly in terms of material and time. As for the financial aspect, you have to change its logo on all places and products that appear on it. And in terms of time, it is natural that your customers need a relatively long time for the new logo to be linked in their minds, so it is better to design your company logo in the best way since the beginning.

Tips for designing your company logo

  • Check out the competitors’ logos for some ideas and inspiration.
  • Identify the main message or idea that you want to communicate with people.
  • Make sure your logo design is uncomplicated and -straightforward.
  • Make sure to design your logo in a distinct way that differs from any other logo, so that it sticks in people’s minds more easily.
  • Ensure that the design is flexible, meaning that it is suitable for all places and products and that it is simply adjustable over time without changing the main shape or the main message in the design.
  • Choose appropriate colors for the design so that there is consistency with your site’s colors and your products, for example, to be suitable on light and dark backgrounds at the same time.
  • Before you can finally adopt the logo, obtain your family and friends’ opinion of the logo.

How to design your company logo:

It is always the best resolution to have a professional company design your company logo professionally, but this method can be a bit expensive for startups.

Another less expensive way is to use the expertise of a professional freelance designer. You can find many professional designers on the Fiverr website. But make sure that you get a high-quality logo and different formats for the logo so that they are suitable for your website and social media accounts. Besides, you should also make sure that you have the source file to amend the logo later if necessary.

To design the logo yourself through logo design sites, this is the article’s topic today.

Below are the best 3 online making tools


If you need to design a logo in short time, easily, and still look professional, DesignEvo is the answer. This one platform provides everything you need to create a stylish logo. Starting from the choice of template, fonts, icons, colors, formatting to the background.

At first glance, all of these features may sound ordinary. After all, all logo makers have it. However, you will feel the difference instantly using DesignEvo. All the features in DesignEvo are purposely made simple and to the point. Don’t be surprised. You can create a cool logo in under five minutes.

To do this, you only need to open the DesignEvo Logo Maker website. Then select a template that suits your business. Then enter the brand name and tagline (if any). After that, choose the icon or logo design you want. You can search for the icon you want via keywords in the search box.

After that, just adjust the appearance. You can reset the font style, color, size, and layout of the logo. In addition to clicking on the options, you can take advantage of the DesignEvo drag or drag feature.

Once you’re satisfied with the logo design you want, all you have to do is press Download  in the upper right corner. Automatically, you will get a logo with a PNG image format and high resolution. You can use the logo for online branding or print needs.

Great, right? Create cool logos, it’s fast, easy, and it is free.


Hatchfulis a dropshipping add-on made exclusively for Shopify. Apart from these main functions, Hatchful also provides features for free online shop logo designs.

The Hatchful Logo Maker UI is far from complicated. Once you’re logged in, you’ll immediately see a large white canvas and menu options on the left. There are three submenus in the menu, namely the name of the online shop, choice of icon, and choice of text position and main icon.

Due to its simple options and features, Hatchful is perfect for creating a generic logo design. In other words, logos are created without time-consuming or complicated stylistic customization. Just design for a moment and enter your email to get the logo.

On the other hand, Hatchful is not suitable for those who like to experiment and hone your creativity. The icon choices provided by Hatchful are too few and uniquely. In line with the icon, the choice of colors and fonts is limited. You can try adding a frame to make your logo less generic.

Hipster Logo Generator

Does your market segment include young people? If so, then you should try this Hipster Logo Generator. With the Hipster Logo Generator, you can create a hipster style logo that suits the youth market.

The first time you open the Hipster Logo Generator, don’t be surprised if it looks SIMPLE. In fact, this clean and minimal look is one of the great points of the Hipster Logo Generator. You don’t need to be confused about starting a logo design on this simple UI. The Hipster Logo Generator will assist you in every step of the logo creation.

First of all, you will be asked to choose a base shape or what is commonly called a badge. There are five badges that you can choose from at this stage. Next, you can choose what elements to add to the badge. The number of elements available depends on the choice of badge in the previous stage. There aren’t many elements that the Hipster Logo Generator offers. This is meant to maintain a hipster feel in your logo.

Once you are done in the design stage, you can immediately download the final result. The final PNG file is available for free. However, it will cost you $10 to get a vector file.SVG format

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