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Top 3 Best Racing Game For Android 2021

Racing games on the internet are certainly one of the most highly-played games available. The genre is incredibly competitive and one can find a wide variety of options available out there. These games happen to be one of the first ones that took advantage of the phone hardware to make use of the accelerometer for the steering wheel for cars. 

You will also experience some more control techniques, however, turning your phone continues to be one of the most classic racer elements. Moreover, it is among the different genres that have an outstanding choice of free to play as well as premium. If you are looking best gaming website where you can get games to guide tutorials then visit Gaming Freak.

In this article, we have mentioned the top 3 best games for Android 2021. 

Top 3 Best Racing Game For Android 2021 

  • Asphalt 9: Legends

First on our list is Asphalt-9:Legends which as most of you would know is the successor of the previously famous, Asphalt-8. Asphalt-8 was among the prominent racing games that the majority of the people truly enjoyed and were addicted to. 

Asphalt-9 offers a great range of cars for you to select from including W Motors and Ferrari. Moreover, as you will open the game, you will see a couple of game modes that are Career and Online Multiplayer Mode. 

Graphics in Asphalt 9 are considered to be supreme. They look incredibly amazing and make the game stand out from the crowd. The roads, scenery, buildings, and textures are all too nice. The races in the game are fast-paced and short. You will also find Touch Drive, which is a new driving control in the game for making your race more enjoyable and easier. 

  • Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo is finally able to bring Mario Kart back for mobile phones and features nice controls along with the regular gameplay. In this racing game, the goal is to earn top honors in every cup in the game. 

Traditional tracks are now squeezed and reformed for making the race easier for the player. The tracks are small, and the races last two laps themselves which is a great way for keeping your screen time in check. 

The solitary input touch is nice and you will experience some simple yet good controls. It will feel highly natural to swipe up for launching the weapons. 

Moreover, windy elements can usually get tricky with touch controls so when you launch the turtle shells on your enemies, it will give you the feel of the original version of Mario Kart. 

  • Need For Speed: No Limits

This name is among the most trendy racing games for gamers today. Need For Speed has a total of 30 cars that you can easily upgrade or customize. The controls in the game are all simple. All you need to do is tap on your screen for acceleration or putting brakes. 

This game is the oldest one in the entire history of racing games and still never disappoints. 

It comprises various kinds of races in the game now, making the game even more exciting as well as addictive for the gamers.  Nonetheless, all the races are highly brief and you will be done with them just in a few minutes. 

You will also obtain certain rewards as you finish your races which you can use to upgrade or customize according to your taste. You can also Download Battlegrounds Mobile India for PC.


These were the top three best racing games for Android 2021. You can easily download these games from your play store and play them in your free time; we bet that you’re going to enjoy them a lot and end up getting addicted! 

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