Top 10 Ways to Make Co-living Easier in NYC

Co-living Easier
Co-living Easier

New York City or “The Big Apple,” is one place everyone aspires to live in, isn’t it? A city that provides homes to millions of people from across the world, its presence is truly global. With over 250 communities and eight hundred languages in the city, it’s a place not just worth exploring but also living in.

Another aspect of the city that might appeal to millennials and professionals alike is the idea of co-living that’s spreading like wildfire and being embraced by people from all backgrounds. While co-living involves living with strangers, there are some benefits as well. Room-hunting can be a tedious and time-consuming process. When technology smoothens the process and makes it as easy as downloading an app and pressing a few buttons, the perception of sharing space with people you don’t know changes favourably. Last but not least, some co-living spaces don’t require you to earn a certain amount of money or have guarantors. 

Additionally, there’s no question of sharing the bills, furnishing the apartment, or even keeping places clean. Also, there’s a lot of flexibility with such places because some rental properties permit you to stay for only a month, while with others, you can move as often as you wish without any hassles, legal or otherwise. Finally, shared housing in NYC will remain for the long haul!

So, are you raring to go and move to a city to live a life you’ve always dreamt of? Carter, a safe, secure, and reliable roommate finder, can help you find an ideal room for rent in any of the five boroughs of NYC!

Now that you’re all set to move to NYC, your search for a decent room needs to lead you to the right areas to look around and make an informed decision. From the list of neighbourhoods shared with you, you’ll discover that it’s economical to find a room in Manhattan or even rent a room in Brooklyn here, compared to other areas.



 Let’s delve into the neighbourhoods and find out what each has to offer:

1.Astoria (Queens)

Initially, this neighbourhood was Italian, but it later became home to Greek immigrants. The USP of this area is the reasonable rents. One-bedroom apartments can be available for less than $2000. Astoria’s also just 15 minutes away from midtown Manhattan through the N and W subway lines. An exciting place to visit is the Museum of Moving Image that deals with film and digital media.



2.Williamsburg (Brooklyn)


This is one of the most modern and trendy neighbourhoods in the US. Williamsburg happens to be a center for arts and artists and continues to attract people regardless of the steep rise in rents. The north side has a more glamorous vibe, while the south side is the real deal. However modern the area may be, it’s losing its charm due to the entry of brands such as Apple. Nonetheless, it still draws a large crowd, so if you’re looking to rent a room in Brooklyn, this might be an area to check out.



3.East Village (Manhattan)


Due to its proximity to New York University, you get to see many youngsters in this neighbourhood. East Village has the highest number of bars in New York and probably the world. A renowned bar that’s worth a visit is McSorley’s Old Ale House, the oldest Irish tavern in the city. If you’re into music, you can visit the Turn Table Lab that contains a beautiful collection of records. This will be a nice area to explore if you wish to rent a room in Manhattan and prefer a diverse and fun neighbourhood.



4.Financial District (Manhattan)


When NYC was founded in 1624, this area, referred to as FiDi, was the focal point of growth and development. It’s the heart of business and commerce in the US and houses the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street. It’s a paradise for foodies because you’re going to find at least 150 eateries around you that are within walkable distance and serve global cuisines.  Suede is one such place if you’re into Caribbean food. Another highlight of the area is the Tribeca Film Festival held in April every year. Music, film, and art are the event’s key attractions. In terms of places to visit, you have Brooklyn Bridge and the 9/11 Memorial. A word of caution is that the rents may be on the higher side, so think things through before renting a room in this area of Manhattan.




5.Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn)


If you want to live in an area and marvel at its beauty, Brooklyn Heights is the place for you to rent a room in Brooklyn. For those who want to move away from the noise and chaos of NYC, this tree-lined space with cobblestone streets will give you the respite you’re looking for. You can take walks in parks in the area without running into unwanted folks. If you want to spend a weekend visiting some tourist spots, you can try the New York Transit Museum, The Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and the Brooklyn Historical Society. For drinks, you have Custom House and Jack the Horse tavern at your disposal.


6.Dumbo (Brooklyn)


Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a key neighbourhood in Brooklyn. The neighbourhood’s located just beneath the Manhattan bridge, so access to Manhattan is a cakewalk. Moreover, the area is home to multiple tech startups, so those in the tech field looking to rent a room in Brooklyn can check out this place. About 20 percent of the workforce is from the arts field as well. Now, is there anyone who can resist a pizza? We all know the answer to that question. Juliana’s Pizza, according to TripAdvisor, the sixth-best pizza restaurant in the USA! Do note that rents maybe a little on the higher side here.


7.Nolita (Manhattan)


One of NYC’s best shopping places, you’ll find fashionable shops like Warm on Mott Street. The clothes you buy here are rare and hard to find, so lucky you if you choose to shop here! This neighbourhood will remind you of a cozy European place, and one that’s not frequented by too many people. If you’re a shopaholic and have a fascination for European cities, you know where to go! Walk around the neighbourhood and see if you find yourself wanting to rent a room in this area of Manhattan.


8.Bushwick (Brooklyn)


Situated just next to Williamsburg, this neighbourhood is now a New York art hub. What’s even harder to imagine is that this place was once just a bunch of deserted warehouses and currently houses one of Bushwick’s best art galleries, the Robert Henry Contemporary, apart from several art studios and galleries. Another attraction here is the Guadalupe Inn on Knickerbocker Avenue, which serves lip-smacking Mexican food. The rents are lower and more reasonable than Williamsburg, so if you’re on a budget, rent a room in this neighbourhood of Brooklyn.

9.Crown Heights (Brooklyn)


A developing neighbourhood, Crown Heights houses high-rise condos and is home to an affluent group of people. Nonetheless, you’ll find affordable rental spaces, so it’s worth a look if you’re looking to rent a room in this growing neighbourhood of Brooklyn. Those who prefer fast food can visit Franklin Avenue and gorge on the Dutch Boy burger, fries, and a beer float. Nature lovers can drop by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Art lovers will find the Brooklyn Museum nearby, which contains 1.5 million pieces of art. Fascinating, right? Finally, those into sports can watch a Nets basketball game or an Islanders hockey game.

10.Murray Hill (Manhattan)


Murray Hill, situated in Midtown East, is the ideal neighbourhood for fresh graduates, not to mention that it has a famous social life. It’s a young, vibrant, and fun neighbourhood that also happens to be very close to most residents’ workplaces. So, people can save a lot of travel time while living in a trendy area. If you think this matches your idea of a perfect neighbourhood, you can rent a room in this area of Manhattan and experience the best of both worlds!

So do you think this information’s going to be enough for you to pack your bags and move to NYC? We sure hope so. Best of luck in finding your perfect room for rent and roommate, and in enjoying your stay in NYC!

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