Tips And Ideas To Wear Crop Top For Every Shape Of Body


Crop tops are in trend and honestly, every girl wants to wear them someday. The big problem with a crop top is that it is a bit revealing and so people of all body shapes do not feel comfortable in it. It would be amazing if there could be ways to carry the crop top without feeling uncomfortable at all. People with lean figures could easily carry a crop top but if you are too thin then wearing in usual ways can make you uncomfortable.

The good thing is that there are some ways following which you would be able to carry the crop top easily. You can include some of the amazing crop tops in your list and wear them without worrying about how it will look on you. Some people are blessed with a good figure and some people make any dress look good on their figure. No matter what your body shape is, but you can still do some tricks to make the crop top look the best on you which is a great thing.

Here you have to know about some outfit tricks so that you can make the crop top look good on you. These tricks and tips would work for almost all body shapes which is a great thing of course. Here Fashionterest brought some of the best tips and ideas to wear a crop top for every shade of body that you need to know for sure:

If skin reveal is not your jam then wear an inner underneath:

If you are not comfortable with too much skin to reveal with your crop top then going with an inner would be best for you. You can go with a dark inner with a bright crop top or you can also go for a skin-toned inner to match with the crop top.

You should either choose a loose crop top or a loose bottom:

If you go for a very tight crop top and tight bottom then that would make you look much suffocated. Similarly, you should not go for a loose crop top with loose bottoms. You should always either have tight bottoms with a loose crop top or vice-versa.

Be very selective about the color of your crop top:

Crop top would highlight your outfit so if you would not select a good color then you would get criticism. If you like bright colors then a popping crop top would be great for you. There are so many other color options available in crop tops that you can try at the same time.

Know about the weather outside and then decide to wear the crop top or not:

We know no matter how much you try but a proper crop top would reveal a lot of your skin so knowing about the temperature outside is important. Off Shoulder crop tops are best for summer but if you fear to tan then crop tops can be an issue.

How to choose the best kind of crop top for you?

Know about your height to choose an appropriate crop top:

If you are on a hunt to find the perfect kind of crop top for you then you should always choose the crop top according to your height. If you are tall and lean then a long crop top would be good as that would go well with your height. A broad but short crop top is best for chubby shot beauties.

Pair the right kind of bottom with the crop top according to your body shape:

No matter if you are bulky or lean but you can still work with crop tops to look the best if you would choose the bottom accordingly. You should know about the right kind of bottom to pair with your crop top according to the shape of your body. The right bottom would make your outfit look just so perfect.

You can go for decent kind of crop tops if you not very comfortable with the trendy crop tops:

Your crop top doesn’t have to be revealing as there are so many decent crop tops available in the market. You can go for a bit long crop top with long sleeves as this would not reveal much skin off your body. These crop tops look so smart and you can pair them up with any bottom of your choice which is great.

Layer your crop top to make the perfect Outfit of the Day:

Layering always makes your outfit look the best and so you can even layer your crop top. You can get a good matching shrug for your crop top or you can also go for a good shirt to wear on top of the crop top. If you are going with the shirt then you have to keep the buttons open. This outfit would make you look the best for sure.

Play around with the sleeves of the crop top:

You will get a lot of sleeve options when you will go to see a good crop top for you. Sleeves are the safest thing to play with if you want to make your crop into the trendiest outfit for you. You should know about different kinds of sleeves so that you can choose the best one for you. Going with the trending yet unique sleeves would be great for you.



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