Too much premium is placed on being thin, it is no surprise that nowadays, people are trying every possible method available just to lose weight.

Sometimes even to the extent of doing their bodies harm. In working for a smaller waistline, a lot of factors are at play. There is really no one-step solution. Oral slimming preparations are a big help but must be taken along with proper diet, a regular exercise regimen, and a vitamin supplement.

When choosing a slimming formula, one must take into consideration its track record. Look into how long the product has been in the market. Make sure that it is packed by a reputable corporation. It must have passed requisite tests.

The USA FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has what is known as the LD 50 test. Lethal Dose 50 is a test of toxicity and safety levels of consumer products. To pass the test, the product should not be positive of any cancer-causing agent. It should not be, in any way, hazardous to the health of the consumer. Only those who make it through the assessment are granted an FDA permitted.


Senna, an effective laxative which flushes out unwanted toxins from the body, is a common ingredient in slimming preparations. Senna is considered an important herb in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic and unani medicine.

Apart from using medications to get slim you should follow a proper diet and do daily workout as well. Due to this, you should be consuming foods that are rich in healthy fats and protein. Bone broth, collagen peptides, lean meat, and vegetables are great for your weight loss.

Now, coming back to the senna, According to the United States Pharmacopeia Drug Information (USPDI), the safe dosage of Senna is 2,025 mg leaves per day. Keep this number in check; take a daily dose that is well below that figure.

There are slimming beverages in the market that offer a daily dosage of 1,500 to as low as 668 mg. Some Senna-based preparations even contain additional beneficial herbs such as Shiu Sen Tea, which is also known as an energy booster that revitalizes and invigorates the body during stress; and Malvae, a neutralizer that helps in preventing dehydration by aiding the absorption of water and electrolytes during digestion.


Make it a habit to read labels conscientiously and follow instructions to the dot. If you feel it is necessary, seek professional advice. Reported instances of adverse effects result from irresponsible consumption and abuse of products.

So one can never be too careful. Pregnant and lactating women are discouraged from taking slimming preparations since these may affect the absorption and efficiency of medicines or vitamins which they are currently taking.

A balanced lifestyle and a better understanding of slimming products would help you attain your goal in no time. You can achieve that sexy and slim body without putting your health on the line.


If you are not comfortable in using slimming products then there are other things that you can use to lose all that extra weight. You will need to consume healthy foods, do proper workout, and avoid consuming foods that are rich in unhealthy ingredients.

There are certain foods that can help to detox your body, maintain your weight, and burn fat. Foods that are rich in protein, iron, vitamins, and collagen should be your priority. Nuts, hydrolyzed collagen, and salmon fish are among those foods that can be vital for your weight loss.

Consuming low-carb foods and doing daily exercise can really boost your weight loss. So, if you want a natural way to lose weight then this is what you should be doing. The most important thing is to avoid foods that contain sugar, extra salt, and processed meat.


This is all you need to know to have a slim and fit body. You can do it either by using supplements or by consuming natural foods. It all depends on you. Gaining weight is easy but when it comes to losing all that weight, things do become difficult. So, you have to follow these things in order to lose your weight properly.


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