Things to identify in smart driver in Dubai


“How do you identify a safe driver?” This is the most common question that people often ask. A driver having a driver’s license essentially may not be a safe driver. In fact, any person would like to assume that they are a smart driver as long as they do not have a driving fine or an accident. An accident can also mean that the driver may not have been spending much time on the road. There are several characteristics that can help you identify a professional driver. The basic things that help to determine a safe driver are their punctuality, personality topographical knowledge. However, there are other aspects that need to be observed. Here are some of the attributes that will  you distinguish if your driver is a safe driver in Dubai:


One of the most unsafe and risky habits of unprofessional drivers is switching between lanes recklessly or maintain very little distance. To identify if your diver is a safe driver, always observe them when they are switching lanes. Also the amount of gap that is to maintain between them and the vehicle ahead of them. The best safe driver will always be cautious of maintaining ample distance. Apart from Dubai, in countries like the USA, there is a “3-second rule”. This means that the driver may count up to three to reach an object that was passed with the vehicle ahead of them, said John O. from AssignmentMasters.

Merging lanes

Have you ever been left behind by someone who doesn’t know how to get into adjoining lanes? The worse as it gets is to be caught behind such a driver. Although he tries to be careful by slowing down other cars. In reality, he poses a safety hazard by causing rubbernecking.

The suggested method of getting into adjoining lanes is to identify gaps and speed up until you reach them. And thus a safe driver never forgets to always keep a safe distance from vehicles in the vicinity.

Using indicators

In a study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, it was found out that in comparison with distracted driving. Most of the accidents caused by ignoring the use of indicators. and trying to take turns or switch lanes.

Other drivers are not aware of the direction where you intend to go; a safe driver always understands this. As a passenger, you should always observe and warn your driver of any indicator neglect if required. Having said, a professional driver will always ensure your safety and follow the traffic rules.

Does not get distracted

The most important attribute, help you identify the competence of a safe driver. A professional driver will not compromise on your safety owning to distractions. While people usually assume, a mobile phone is the mere source of distraction, well this is not entirely the case. Other distractions can be food, other passengers, or makeup.

If there is something that requires your attention while driving, the authorities always advise pulling your car off the road and stopping in a safe place. 


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