These Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

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What do a fall on an icy sidewalk, a dog bite from the neighbor’s chihuahua, and a chemical burn at work have in common? They all cause lost income and increased medical bills. They’re also common personal injury claims.

Keep reading to learn about the most common reasons for personal injury claims today.

Common Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims take up a bit chunk of the legal world. Surveys indicate that claimants collected between $3,000 and up to $50,000 for loss of income due to personal injury. These are a few of the most common injuries that should lead you to call a personal injury attorney.

Road Accidents

Road accidents top the list of personal injury claims. If you’re in a car accident on the road and suffer an injury, you could have a case. If the injury stems from another driver’s neglect, you definitely have a claim.

Often something as simple as whiplash, a common automobile accident injury, can cause months of headaches and require dozens of chiropractic treatments. The party that caused your pain should also be paying your medical bills and help make up for your lost income.

Dog Bites

  • Approximately 4.5 million people suffer from a dog bite every year, and 20 percent of those individuals need medical care. So it should come as no surprise that dog bites are among the most common type of personal injury claims.

If your own dog bites you, you can’t make a personal injury claim. However, if someone else’s dog bites you, you can ask for compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

Medical Malpractice

We got to the doctor to receive help for an injury or illness. However, when you end up worse than you started, you have a claim for medical malpractice. If you sustain an illness, injury, or impairment due to a physician’s work, call a personal injury attorney like one from this law firm.

A professional personal injury lawyer will understand the proper procedures to ensure you receive just compensation for your pain or impairment. If the malpractice causes a lifetime of pain and disability, this physician owes you financially for your loss.

Workplace Injury

Companies have the responsibility of providing a safe work environment for their employees. Even slipping on an icy sidewalk outside the company front door brings reason for a claim.

If you suffer an injury at work due to the neglect of your employer, you have a case for financial compensation. Personal injury cases commonly stem from employees who sustain a workplace injury.


Our communication age where we’re connected virtually to millions of people has led to an entirely new personal injury claim. If someone makes an untrue statement about you that causes a loss of income, you can sue them for personal injury and loss of income.

You will have to make a clear connection between your loss of income and the offending party’s statement. Thus, since this is a fairly new type of personal injury, you should employ an expert in personal injury law.

Lean on Experts

Personal injury claims require expert help. Do not attempt to sue anyone on your own, but rather contact a personal injury attorney. For the best possible financial outcome, lean on someone who has filed personal injury claims before and has negotiated well on his client’s behalf.

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