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The Way to Publish Google Ad accounts without stripping out all of your info

When it comes to choosing a campaign structure, you all want the one which will provide you with the greatest ROI, given your investment of money and time. Account structure being an intense topic among the pros of PPC (pay per click) while finding the right one you may have to restructure your Google Ad Accounts. Although this is not much of a task, restructuring your Google ad accounts may have some repercussions.

You might not know this but, YES your historical data will be lost when you move any ad groups, keywords or Google ads while you are trying to reconstruct an account. But you don’t want to wipe out your previous data, right? So now you have two choices to make, that is, keep your old structure intact while your competitors are moving ahead or you can opt for restructuring your account. The first one is not an option in today’s scenario. So, coming towards the second one, however, you will lose some historical data, there are certain ways by which you can lessen the risks involved and can tackle the poor performance outcomes.

To provide you with a clarified picture, let us take an example here. Suppose you are using Target CPA (cost-per-action) bid strategy for your Google Ad accounts. Now you want to restructure it by moving certain ad groups to a new campaign. Indeed, this can be done by simply doing copy and paste and even pausing the old ones. Thus the question arises regarding this move– will it damage your performance and interrupt your historical data or not? The answer to this question in the shortest form is – yes, but, by looking at the bigger picture, one can understand why it is worth taking a hit to your historical data. Here you are opting for a more efficient structure that will render you with better ROIs. Another thing is that any time you relocate any Google ads agency campaigns, keywords or Google ads, you are beginning as a brand new identity. This will allow the ad network to re-learn the elements mentioned above. 

What if my original campaign is running and I add a new ad group in my new campaign?

The answer to this question is- even if your original ad group is active in the original campaign and you are willing to add a new ad group in a new campaign, considering that it has different targets then, there won’t be any disruption. 

Keeping this in mind ask yourself these core questions given below before taking any step further.

  • What do I want and why am I doing this?
  • What are the outcomes I am hoping for?
  • How much risk is embedded in this move?  

What do I want and why am I doing this?

The most common reason for moving ad groups, keywords or Google ads is them being non-qualified for the rules of a campaign like they might have low CPC (cost per click), etc. The best way to handle this situation is not to move them but to pause them for the time being. This will not only prevent you from losing your historical data but will also help you in freeing up your budget. Additionally, it will provide you with a clean slate for the remaining entities.  

However, if you are targeting a better budget allocation then, you may not mind ‘losing’ any data for an ad that was yielding nearly zero ROIs. 

What are the outcomes am I hoping for?

Every action has equal and opposite reactions. Although here we don’t want opposite reactions. We want all the actions to be in our favour and are hoping only for positive outcomes. Easier account management, improved conversion rate, reducing wasted spend and budget efficiency are some of them.

  • Easier account management: for managing your account successfully without compromising with your ROI, restructuring the account is always a good move.  
  • Improved conversion rate: trying to get more sales and leads out for your paid clicks.
  • Reducing wasted spend: hoping to reduce wasteful query clicks for a certain brand deemed improvident.
  • Budget efficiency: investing your allotted budget into the best ROIs.

As you are hoping for the best to happen, you should remember that it is rare for conversion rate to be impacted with just mere restructuring of an ad group from one campaign to another as it is tied to both budget access and query quality. And if you have any questions, you can reach out for help from the PPC agency in Dubai. But don’t lose hope and be realistic. When moving any keyword or ad groups, wait at least 5-7 days minimum before you start worrying about your move. 

How much risk is embedded in this move?  

You can somewhat calculate how much risk is involved in restructuring or moving an entity by looking at:

  • Scope of the entity: do the ad groups which are being moved are underperformers or not? or should I move hundreds of individual keywords into a new campaign?
  • Age of the entity: for how long am I using this keyword or ad groups? is it a new addition or if it’s been running for 6 months?
  • Automation: is there any set up for automated bidding?

After getting an answer for all these above-mentioned questions, you can now estimate that if the entity you want to move to is bigger, older and automated then it will surely have a higher impact.

Anyhow, if you are managing a campaign surpassing 4-6 ad groups then you should prefer to pause the underperformers over moving them entirely. Pausing them seems to be a less risky task because:

  • Firstly you are not interrupting conversions; and
  • Secondly, you can re-enable or continue the paused entities if something doesn’t work out. 

Now let us see some risky moves which you should avoid:

  • Starting over with a new structure by entirely pausing all the ad groups.
  • Restructuring or relocating a keyword or ad group having good conversion rates.
  • Adding or introducing a set of new ad groups or keywords into an old campaign with old active ad groups still performing.

Final Takeaway

Here we are at the end of this article and by this time you must be confident regarding deciding to restructure your Google ad accounts. Everything has risks attached to it, therefore one should be ready with a plan to tackle them. If you have any doubt while making any decision you can seek help from agencies providing services of pay per click in Dubai

Always hope for the best!

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