The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid Dress
Bridesmaid Dress

Choosing the dresses for your Bridesmaid Dress can be as challenging as getting your wedding gown. This can be quite an overwhelming task as you have to deal with various designs, color options, materials, and silhouettes. Even it gets harder if you want to please all of your bridesmaids by choosing a dress that will look flattering.

After all, you have to make sure that the dresses you chose are impressive enough for them. However, you can tackle the whole bridesmaid dress shopping efficiently with proper preparation and planning.

So, learn this comprehensive guide to buying bridesmaid dresses that will make you more confident and efficient to shop your bridesmaids’ dresses painlessly. Let’s get started!

Set a Budget

It needs to consider your attendants’ lifestyles while planning for the price of the dress you choose them to wear. It is also an actual etiquette for your bridesmaids to purchase their dresses, so you should be careful about the cost that doesn’t go over the limit. You may plan for some cost-effective ways, such as choosing a dress off-the-rack to get away from the cost of alterations, or setting on the color and having the dress that suits your bridesmaids’ expenses. There is a better cost-effective option like choosing dresses from the rental sites without paying designer prices if you want to reduce their cost.

Decide a Timeline

Once the favorite dresses you have chosen, your bridesmaids will need to order them, which generally take up to at least three months to arrive. Then, your bridesmaids may go for any necessary alterations that can even take one to two months anywhere depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.

That’s the reason bridesmaids should order their dresses at least five to six months before the wedding to allow for delivery and alterations, which means they should take off the shopping at least seven months ahead of time. Remember that some designers ask all bridesmaids in a party to order their dresses at the same time, ensuring that everyone’s gown is manufactured from the same dye batch of material. So if someone is falling behind, she may be pushing the entire group behind.

Start the Search

Before you start ransacking bridesmaid dresses, choose your wedding gown. Your gown and their dresses should complement one another, but they don’t have to be alike. For example, if your wedding dress is strapless, don’t have your bridesmaids wear long sleeves, and if yours is incredibly romantic, you may don’t have your bridesmaids in more modern silhouettes. Then you have the option of just saving dresses that please you or focusing on a precise style or color.

Be Open to the Suggestions

You should look for the proper balance and listen to your bridesmaids until they end, as you never want to see anyone with an unhappy face. So, value their opinions, inputs, and choices. And Listening is a sign of respect, so if you want your attendants to be pleased, take their preferences and be flexible. You’re also allowing your bridesmaids to present their personalities and feel more like themselves by assisting them to wear the jewelry they enjoy.

Be Careful about the Fit

Once you’ve decided on a dress design and color, make sure your bridesmaids send in their measurements correctly. Your bridesmaids have to be familiar with their length, bust, and width so that the dress can be made to suit them and this will also indicate fewer alterations. Often, these measurements can be taken right in the store during your bridesmaid dress purchasing appointment, but if some of your ‘maids were unable to attend, they can simply go to their local seamstress for the necessary measurements.

Choose the Right Colors

Color is one of the important factors while choosing bridesmaids’ dresses, especially when you are trying to match the color pallets and having a coherent theme for your wedding party. It will be better to consider the season, venue, and skin tones.

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, you should avoid dark colors like purple or dark blue because they’ll look out of place. Likewise, floral motifs and flowy apparel may not be the perfect theme for an evening ceremony in the winter or fall.

When it comes to matching bridesmaids’ dress shades with their skin tones, try to pick varying shades of the same hue to fit each of their skin tones and launch an ombre effect with their dresses. You perhaps look for something new and unusual. Neutral hues like white, black, or ivory can be used as a backdrop for any color theme and can be worn by people of practically any skin tone.

Tackle the Fittings & Alterations Case

Although your attendants have placed their orders and the dresses have already arrived at the location, the bridesmaid dress buying experience is far from over. You should still push them to test the dresses carefully as soon as possible and get a suitable fit. Because everyone is made differently, your bridesmaids should have their dresses changed to accommodate their body types. At least three months before the wedding, your bridesmaids should visit a seamstress or tailor for alterations.

To sum up, although choosing the right bridesmaid dress can be stressful, remember to have fun and make the best out of the experience. Start with in-depth planning and preparation and shop early enough to avoid any type of inconvenience. Trying these means you are making the entire process stress-free, concise and enjoyable. You will also be able to do something fantastic and memorable at your wedding that your bridesmaid must cherish.



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