Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Sharing of PMP Certification Preparation

1. Preface

I am not engaged in project management and have no project management experience. The decision to learn project management is pure interest. For those who don’t understand, ask for advice. For those who don’t understand, learn. For those who learn, listen to the teacher.

In summary:

First, find your own pain point and connect it from time to time. More than USD 460 registration fees, nearly USD 613 examination fees, converted down nearly USD 153 per class! How can I still feel sleepy in class? I wish I could change one second into two seconds and get the money back

Second, listen to the teacher. According to the requirements of quality and quantity to complete the task assigned by the class leader.

2. About PMP Test Preparation

The personal sharing of preparing for the PMP exam is “reading, listening, speaking and writing”. I did it according to this routine, but I didn’t get 5A.So you should consider for yourself.

Read:Read the PMBOK guide roughly (you have won if you can read it completely), and read the handout intensively (you have to read it at least three times before the exam). The preview before class is inevitable. I usually do the exercises after class directly after reading the above. Of course, you will find yourself making a lot of mistakes. It doesn’t matter. These wrong knowledge points are what you should listen to carefully in class. This can not only ensure the initial construction of basic knowledge points, but also find their own weak points of relevant knowledge. Then through the classroom 30 questions, and then a field test results (more than 70% of the correct rate should be no problem).

Listen: Listen to the class. The value of a class is no longer calculated with you!

Speak:Don’t be afraid, there is no oral test in PMP exercise. The weekly QQ class is a good opportunity to communicate with teachers online. Don’t understand the knowledge, don’t understand the topic can be asked here, even if your question is very low, it doesn’t matter, a group of hundreds of people, anyway, no one knows you. Sometimes don’t take yourself too seriously, compare to get the knowledge you don’t understand, taking a score with 5A is more important. Face is none sense.

Write:This should not be explained. SPOTO has PMP dumps, which can completely restore the real test questions. It can basically guarantee to master the core theoretical framework of PMP, and it should be no problem to pass the examination. It is suggested to master PMP dumps before the test.

PMP certificatecan not be linked to profit, and I am not engaged in this work, but from my personal point of view, to pass the PMP examination, as a project to manage, from the start, planning, implementation, inspection, ending, this series of process, it itself is a good experience, to participate in the work of the past few years of experience for a reflection and summary, but also for the present work such as how to improve efficiency. One of the most useful is the empirical theory of PMP, which has regular thinking on individual behavior, and is conducive to a clearer action plan for achieving a certain goal. This theory can’t guarantee what we want, but these excellent experiences and theories can help us improve the possibility of success.

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