The Problems with Today’s Red Teaming

Red Teaming
Red Teaming

There are a lot of online businesses that are running successfully. This ranges from small businesses to large-scale businesses. Digitalization has paved the way for a lot of opportunities online. Although the digital world has offered a lot to people it also comes with its concerns. Red Teaming

One of the major concerns of organizations running an online business is cybersecurity.


There is a lot of information and communication happening in the digital world and every digital organization is responsible to protect this sensitive data.


Be it hacking or a data breach, an organization needs to take cybersecurity seriously and take necessary measures to ensure cyber safety. Include measures related to cyber safety and protection in your plans.

If you own a company that saves data on the cloud or is exposed to the possible threats in the digital world, you might be aware of the term red teaming.

In simple terms, red teaming is ethical hacking. A Red team assessment is conducted by specialized personnel that works on threat simulations to make sure your data is safe from real alert adversaries.

Read teaming comes under the security domain assessment where one identifies the risk of the network infrastructure of an organization. This pre-evaluation is done to determine risk and potential threats.

It is an important process of the plan to check the network security and fix it as soon as possible. One way to assess your network security is by Red Team assessments.


Although red teaming addresses the potential threats at each stage, there are certain loopholes in red teaming as well in today’s time. Below are few problems with red teaming and how you can address them.

Problems with Red Teaming

Single Point Failure

Red teaming is designed to imitate the adversaries of hacking into software or a system, and to know this there is each segment in the chain where the red team tries to break in. The task of the red team is to reach the goal and explore the possible forms of a break-in.

In each stage, there are multiple possible forms to be explored but mostly it just discovers one. But in reality, there is more than one method. So, even though a red team might achieve its goals, it probably did not explore all the methods of exploitation in each stage.

This proves that the red team was only able to find the custom route a defender might use to hack into a system that might not be completely powerful.

Focuses on Killchain

The red team commonly focuses only on a kill chain that is shorter. They reduce their methods to find a way in. But in the real world, persistent threats only get detected when they get to the actual work which is switching from system to system to get vital data that was ordered to be taken.

A lot of red teams have a limit on their reach target system and this often leads to incomplete simulation


Incomplete Simulation

A red team should simulate a threat in an authentic manner and this includes all the little susceptible and noticeable behavior as well. Red teamers that are often highly skilled also miss out on a few possible threat break-ins because of incomplete simulation.

A red team should simulate a threat, this includes all its strengths and weaknesses. They have to apply every level of faultiness to achieve that.

Setting goals for different types of threats for the red team such as retrieving confidential information of a customer project or extracting messages etc is vital. To ensure maximum security in the future it is crucial to be as experimental and wide with options as possible.

With the fast-paced digital world, with the rate at which the digital world is expanding and bringing everything closer, it is important to be aware of potential threats that are caused by it.

Understanding and taking the necessary safety precautions will help you protect your company and the people associated with it. When it comes to red teaming, set realistic goals and make the best out of the read teaming procedure.

Make sure that you have the right protocols in place. As the process involves exploration, it might lead to unwanted complications as well. Make sure you have a security backup just in case of an emergency.

Discuss the procedure with the team beforehand and make sure they work efficiently to make your company or brand safer to be functioning in the digital world.



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