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Thursday, May 13, 2021

The myths and realities of Search by image technology

image technology
image technology

What is Search by image technology?

Reverse image search or Search by image is a search engine technology. It takes an image as an input and then generates related output. In other words, it can be defined as a content-based image retrieval technique that provides the CBIR system with a model image to initiate the research process. This technique works best for all the content which is connected online.

Everything you need to know about Search by image

There are certain myths and realities about reverse image search technology. Important facts you need to know about this miracle of technology are:

  • It makes the way to spot all those who are using fake images and someone else’s images online to better their website. A myth about the reverse image search technique is that it helps in hacking pictures or accounts, but it supports you to identify the hacker who might be pretending as your friend.  
  • It can find stolen pictures from LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, and you spot if the same pictures are being used to send 419 scam emails. In this way, you will refrain from getting conned.
  • This image search technique by different search engines knows how to extract data by translating the sample image into a digital query. Therefore, whenever you need to track your images, it is one of the best ways to recognize websites where your images are displayed.
  • You will be able to fight image theft by determining how and where your photos are present without your consent.
  • Many people think that this technology helps to track images only. But the reality is that it is not restricted to photographs, TV images, e-commerce, and diagrams. Still, it also takes account of digitally programmed figure points that are present in any image.
  • These days’ Social media has become an expert for generating viral news and stories to attract people from all over the world. So it will help you to find the reality behind every story. With reverse image search, you can check the authenticity of any profile spreading a piece of news. If the profile proved to be fake, then the news will have nothing to attract the world.
  • Many artists and bloggers are doing hard work to prove themselves and to gain a prominent position. If you own such artwork and want to check if any website is using I without giving you any credit, try reverse image search. It can help you to identify sources where your creation is present.


Tools to perform a reverse image search


There is no need to get startled while this reverse photo lookup tool has a very user-friendly interface that provides you the facility to search by image and it works best for iPhone or Android, as well as for your desktops or laptops. While using this reverse image search tool, you have to upload any image from your collection or paste its URL and click the “search similar image” button. As an output, you will get:

  • List of Similar images
  • Names of products that are present in the image
  • Copyrights
  • The source of the image

Duplichecker gives you the option for exploration other than Search by image. You can enter related keywords as well to get your desired results.

Google reverse image search

Google also has its exclusive status for reverse image search. It doesn’t really matter whether you are hunting for an image via laptops, smartphones, or iPhones. It works best for every medium. When you search images via Google, then you can get some irrelevant images as well. But it also delivers your required data.

 TinEye, Bing image match and SmallSEOTools are some other reverse photo search engines.

Uses of reverse image search

Reverse image search can assist you in many fields. Some of its prominent uses are described below:  

To Find out celebrities

If you have a picture of any celebrity from any magazine but don’t know anything about them, try the Reverse image search tool to identify the full name, birthplace, current residency, birth date, or timeline history.

To Find an appropriate flat

If you want to have a place in any specific area, then this technology will help you find a flat in desired building or city

To bring Revolutions in the fashion industry

All those fashion products that seem attractive but don’t know where to find their pictures can search them. Amazingly, many e-commerce users in the USA use this technique before purchasing anything.

Discover unlabeled products

You can go on the hunt for different products online via this content-based image retrieval technique. All those products that have no labels on them can be discovered.

Find out your favourite recipes

It will help you to find your favorite recipe just by uploading a related image. In this situation, you have to upload a simple, relevant picture into a reverse image search tool to get the complete food formula online in a fraction of seconds.



Reverse Image search always requires an online AI base to upload a photo on different search engines using your phone or computer to discover visually related pictures and other specifications required information. It will scan the whole internet to find out your required data.

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