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parental control app
parental control app

Every parent must be worried about the location of their child when they’re not with them.  these locations are Sometimes insecure for their child and their safety is detained by visiting these places. When the parents are busy with their schedule of incoming money, and their child is busy Doing neighbourhood activities. The parents may have an eye on them by Using the FamiSafe parental control app and location tracker. All the places that are visited by their children like Multiplex or restaurants can easily be known by the parents once they settle with a printer control app.


Initial configuration of FamiSafe Parental control and location tracker app

  • The initial configuration of the parental control application consists of a welcome screen that explains some of the main features of the device such as location tracker, location history checking and knowing location timeline. You will be asked parent or kid device. Once you select parent then there will be a difference in free and premium versions of the location tracker app.
  • The page will now ask you to choose a name for your child and its age. 
  • Location history will show the feature of visits by your child during the day and it also keeps its history for several weeks. The location history feature is a very useful feature for the parents who work in the office.
  • The real-time location feature chooses the location of your child and also tells the battery level of his or her phone. A great way of reminding the child about charging the device.
  • Geofences is a very useful feature provided by the app that lets the parents Set perimeters around the home, school, work etcetera. The parents will each time be notified when the child leaves or enters a certain location.


Features provided by FamiSafe parental control app


1. Live location checking

  • The parents can easily check the accurate live location of their children by using this feature of the parental control app. The live location is tracked by the app very accurately and with the means of correct and appropriate geographical Maps. Parents can now easily keep an eye on their child by using the location tracker app.
  • The real-time location feature of the application is one of the key features of the app and is evil available in the free app. It just shows the live location of your kid together with the phone battery level. It also shows the time of the latest GPS coordinates updated by the device.



2.Checking the location history timeline

  • Parents can easily check the location history timeline of their child by using the FamiSafe parental control app. All the places that have been visited by their child in the whole day can easily be found by the parents.
  • This is the most interesting feature provided by the app. This will exactly show the whereabouts of the kids all day long. The full view will be hard to decode but zooming will help the parents in knowing the correct position of their child. GPS signal coordinates circle that most probably be your kid. And multiple circles indicate a visit to the place. You can also check the past to check out other days.


3.Setting up Geofences

  • Geofences are the boundaries add by the parents for their child that is not to be crossed by the child. If the child enters or leaves a certain place marked as geofence by their parents then the parents get notifications. These notifications help the parents in getting a quick knowledge of the Places that are visited by their child.  

Pricing plans from the FamiSafe parental control app

  • The location tracker app and parental control app help peers in jacking all the locations of their child and even the location history of them. The app gives you a free 3-day trial that helps the parents in looking at all the features of the application and then subscribing to a certain plan. Premium plans for subscription maybe offer a monthly pack that is $9.99 per month and gives the connectivity of up to 5 devices.
  • There is a quarterly plan also given to the users which costs them about $19.99 per quarter and this is equivalent to $6.66 per month. This gives the parents connectivity of up to 10 devices. There is an annual or yearly plan also in the very affordable range of price given to their users.  The annual plan ranges about $59.99 per year which is equivalent to paying $4.99 per month. This plan gives the user the maximum number of devices connected to it. Almost 30 devices could be connected with the meaning device. 




FamiSafe parental control app is for both Android and iOS acting as parental control and the phone tracker app. This app is ending for the parents who want to track the location of their kid and better control those locations.


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