The Impressive Benefits of Plants in Your Home

Decorative green houseplant in pot standing on metal table

Household plants are having a moment in the sun right now. They’re currently blowing up on Instagram and enjoying a significant surge in popularity with Millenials. If you delve into why this is happening, it’s because people are starting to realize something.

Surrounding yourself with plants is good for you.

The benefits of plants in and around your home are too good to pass up. The hashtag #plantsmakepeoplehappy isn’t just about folks who are happy to show off their house plants. Plants have numerous positive effects that can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Do you still need convincing? Then check out some examples of how plants can inject positive changes into your life.

Plants at Home Improve Indoor Air Quality

Are you aware that you might be breathing in formaldehyde, benzene, and tetrachloroethylene? They’re examples of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that may be present in indoor air. VOCs are released from everyday household objects such as cosmetics, detergents, and upholstery.

These are silent killers that might be lurking in your indoor air. Exposure can cause irritation, asthma, and even cancer and CNS damage if chronic.

Houseplants can soak up these VOCs and other indoor pollutants. Some of the best plants for this purpose are English ivy, chrysanthemum, and bamboo palm.

They Help Reduce Stress and Lift Your Mood

Do you have high blood pressure, or are you feeling the rigors of daily living? You could try to pick up indoor gardening.

According to a study in 2015, working with plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress. The subjects felt more calm, natural, and soothed from the simple act of transplanting a plant. Additionally, performing plant-related tasks lowered their diastolic blood pressures substantially.

Caring for plants also allows you to take a break from technology. It’s a refreshing change to water, prune, use insecticidal soap, and clean house plants. Instead of constantly being bombarded by notifications, try a more comforting routine.

Promoting Healing Is One of the Benefits of Plants

Don’t know what to bring when visiting a friend in the hospital? Plants and flowers are the obvious choices, but you might be thinking that they’re already cliché. Don’t give up on that idea just yet.

Gifting plants to someone who’s sick is classic for a reason.

Researchers at Kansas State University found out that potted plants can reduce the recovery time after surgery. Patients with plants in their hospital rooms experience less pain, anxiety, and fatigue. They also have lower blood pressure and heart rate and have higher satisfaction with their recovery.

Plants Help You Focus and Boost Your Productivity

Several studies support the concept that plants can uplift our mental state. Being around plants has been shown to improve concentration, memory, and productivity.

In classrooms with plants, students are more attentive, and attendance was also higher. People with plants in their workspace are more efficient, creative, and focused on tasks. They’re also less stressed and took fewer sick days.

We Can All Enjoy More Greenery in Our Lives

House plants may be trending these days, but frankly, they should be fixtures rather than a trend. The benefits of plants, such as reducing stress and cleaning our air, are more than enough reasons to promote a greener way of living.

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